Why I failed as a child but passed as a parent

Recently I found the answer to one of un-answered questions ‘Why I failed as a child but passed as a parent’.

It was a recent Sunday morning and I was planning for one of upcoming & important personal event, 5th birthday of our daughter Gauri for which we were preparing to host a grand birthday party inviting all of family and friends. Suddenly I realized it was 65th birthday of my mother which just passed last week and I completely forgot, even did not wish her in the excitement and preparation of daughter’s birthday party. Oh god please forgive me as my mother always happens to be the first one who never missed to wish my birthday however because of all other thing in my mind I forgot to wish her.

It was the moment I realized I have got the answer to ‘Why we fail as a child but pass as a parent…’. When we are children, our parents spend most of their precious young age time in raising us and full filling our dreams. However when we enter our young age and become independent, that it make a start of old age of our parents. Then there comes time of our parent hood after marriage and it is the start of that cycle again where young parent raise and fulfill dreams of their children, and in all of this we forget to care about our old parents and even forget small- small things like wishing on their birthday which may give them little happiness they desire.

I always took desired initiatives in my life and do not want to fail as a child on this front of life too. So decided to try and change small things by pursuing some technology enabled and smarter way as I am a Software professional by choice. Then I along with my MS pursuing nephew Anurag spent few weeks brain storming for a solution and finally came up with an idea of creating an smartphone app (BirthdayApp) with a motive of ‘Birthdays are special, Celebrate them’. The main reason behind app solution was the smartphone penetration in the society, its use by almost every urban citizen globally, and most importantly aim to provide us with a technology driven solution so that we can pass as a child as well as a parent.

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