Do you know, You are as smart as the clothes you wear ?

We have heard of the saying “clothes make a man”. Research in this area suggests clothes have a strange power on their wearers. What clothing are you wearing? How are you feeling in them? You are as smart as your clothes.

Researchers in North Western University conducted a study on people. They made them wear a set of clothes and studied their brain skills , and assigned a meaning to the clothes. Results were puzzling: the type of clothes people wore had an impact on their cognition. They termed this “enclothed cognition”.

This short video gives you a quick view of the research done,

Given our attribution of meaning to clothes and what we wear, advertisers and brand owners start to associate a strong meaning to brands like “power”, “beauty” etc to their products and communicate the message. If we as consumers buy into these ideas and start wearing them with those in mind, it can definitely impact our cognition, results and performance.

So, what we associate with the clothes we wear creates a change in cognition. Should we then really wear something and associate with that? This would mean we are only as smart as what we wear. Instead could we not just associate positively to ourselves without wearing a “thing”?

For example, mentally “being confident” can throw a new level of cognition and results. I’d call this “Self Induced Cognition”.

What is your take on this ?

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Originally published at on March 30, 2015.