Feedback or Feedforward ?

Receiving feedback is at the inter section of these two needs — our drive to learn and longing for acceptance.

Nothing affects the learning culture of an organisation more than the skill with which the executive team receives feedback.

Also there are two sides to feedback “giving” and “receiving”. While in the material world, giving is considered noble, in the feedback world, it all starts with receiving, more than that inviting feedbacks voluntarily.

When we say feedback , normally it is taken from the sense of “critical feedback”. Broadly feedback comes in three forms

1 — Appreciation (thanks)

2 — Coaching (here is a better way to do it)

3 — Evaluation (here is where you stand)

The challenge with feedback is how one receives and gives it. There are three triggers in action within us while processing feedbacks.

1 — Truth triggers (right/wrong)

2 — Relationship triggers (wrong spotting vs difference spotting)

3 — Identity trigger (this is not me)

If we take a perspective of learning as an approach to our life, receiving feedbacks becomes an enjoyable process. In fact in this context, one would volunteer to receive feedback that too critical.

While it may sound simple, the context of giving and receiving creates real life challenge.

As an experiment, I gave a feedback to my wife this morning. After that asked her, how did it land on her, appreciation, coaching or evaluation.Her view was evaluation while I thought I was coaching. This is where it all starts.

A good practice could be to start consciously choosing the space of feedback and start checking with our colleagues how it lands. Slowly we will improve to an extent we will be on the same page in receiving and giving.

Mastery in this and a learning attitude will surely make feedback “feed forward” !

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Originally published at on May 14, 2015.