How not to be “Pennywise and Time Foolish”

What do you think is the ultimate currency we all have ? One of the responses to the question is “Happiness”. Happiness is a function of how we use our “Time”. I would say the currency we could optimise ourselves for is “Time” not “Money” which is mostly referred to as the currency.

Both partners working these days is common in most families. Same is true with me. We have a support system at home for cooking and house hold chores. In the past few weeks we have been having trouble with with the cook eco system. First of all it was difficult finding the cook we would like and once we cross that the next concern is their timing working for us.

We finally managed to get a cook of our choice 2 days back. He is busier than we are. He starts his day at 3.45 am and is occupied till goes to sleep.

We have been optimising always around our cook’s time and compromised our personal time efficiencies so far. For the first time, we attempted a small incremental change. We asked the cook, if he is willing to manage to our requirement and we will pay him an incentive of 15% over the agreed rate. Just wanted to test if this would motivate him. Yes it does.

There is always a tendency to follow the norm of what others pay for cooks and comply. We deviated the rules.

With this small change, we would be able to manage our routines, spend some more time together. Both of us are now able to have our fitness routine together and also spend time together.

I am sure each one us have different challenges on our time. There are definitely better ways to optimise this ultimate currency.

Just thought of sharing what we accomplished. Though small, may trigger a thought and some action some where and contribute to better productivity of precious Human currency.

It may be worth saying “Don’t be Pennywise Time foolish”

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Originally published at on April 29, 2015.