Limitations unleash your Limits : Beauty of Constraints

“The beautiful part of every picture is the frame” , there is no better way to express beauty of a constraint.

Bing Crosby’s Song lyrics say “Don’t Fence Me In”, if you want me to show what i can do, then leave me unconstrained.

In reality, the constraints offer a favorable effect, they are fertile, enabling and desirable. They stimulate exciting different approaches and new possibilities. They make us more than we were rather than less than we could be. Here are some benefitial power of constraints that is all around us,

1 — Japan as a Country with a lot of constraints of natural resources, is No 3 in GDP in the world and known for a lots of innovations across sectors.

2 — In lifelong relationships, we commit to one partner to the exclusion of others; the constraint we put on ourselves allows us to focus our emotional energy on building a life with that person, gives us a deeper level of intimacy and security in return.

3. In games, the limitations through rules we impose gives those games unique character, energy and pleasure.

4. Good parenting lies in understanding what limits are benefitial to the children and family life.

5. Do you know, Google’s home page is as simple as it is because that was the limit of Larry Page’s coding ability at that time. He could not afford external resources and all that he knew was to create a search box and a logo.

6. How many of us would use twitter today if it had a limitation of 14000 characters instead of 140?

While the benefits of these constraints differ, each of the constraint prompted an enhancement. The people working with them made their constraints beautiful and inspiring.

While looking for inspirations from constraints, got this video of an inspiring talk by 10 year old Nairobi girl, so awesome midst of phenomenal constraints in life conditions (must watch)

I am sure the list can keep going. When we face a limitation next time or if we are already in midst of it, it is time to be in love with it, embrace it, enjoy it. Larger the limitation, greater the future we can create.

In other words, are we creating a large enough problem for us to solve?

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courtesy: a beautiful constraint

Originally published at on April 29, 2015.