Streamlining Hiring using Trello

One critical job of any startup is hiring. At the same time startup will also have multiple other priorities to tackle. Given lack of established processes at this time hiring process generally ends up really complicated.

Typically you may be working with multiple consulting firms who will be providing candidates for hiring to fill multiple positions. You may also source candidates yourself and also get referrals. One so called “simple solution“ that i have seen people do is to use excel trackers (or google sheets). In my experience this is poor choice and adds more confusion than streamlining process.

In order to streamline this i have used trello ( few times and i find it valuable. there are some sample trello boards that you can look for. I have used slightly modified one that i would like to share.

  1. Given that we work with multiple firms we create teams for each of these agencies where our employees are common across boards (mostly) and employees from agencies in their respective teams (typically agency name as team name itself).

2. Now boards are created under these teams where name of the board is the position we are filling up (say Software Engineer)

3. Inside each board following are the kind of lists that we use.

4. Following actions happen in particular card

a. Resume of candidate is attached to the card. the person who needs to review will be marked in description with @username. Other brief details like expected salary, experience summary, other candidate expectations will be noted here.
b. Person reviewing the resumes will move the candidate from one list to another. Say selected for interview. Then the recruitment firm will then talk to candidate and schedule an interview for candidate. At this point they will move the card to first round interview (say). Along with calendar invite the person doing the interview will be marked in the card.
c. Once interview is done the interviewer puts down his interview feedback in the card and depending on interview outcome will move card to second round interview (so on and so forth) or rejected list.

6. we also use labels to mark state of of card in particular list. For example we use labels to-be-scheduled, scheduled, interview-done etc., to notify state of card in particular list. this helps in doing some filtering based on states and get some stats.

This process helps us capture all details of the process, its feedback and outcome in one single place while providing ability to work with multiple agencies at the same time. Let me know what you think of this and what do you do to streamline hiring process ?

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