• Sina Meraji

    Sina Meraji

    Founder and CEO of LearningLoop.org , the universal basic education

  • Nilan


    VP Growth @TransferWise Product, marketing, people and tequila

  • Luka Marić

    Luka Marić

  • DK


  • Mark Ovaska

    Mark Ovaska

    Serial entrepreneur and photojournalist. Husband, father, global citizen.

  • Gordon Plant

    Gordon Plant

    VP Product at BaseKit.

  • Lazerbird


    Lazer-bird.com are serial makers having launched everything from ML powered native apps, Adtech to Messenger games. Join us and bring ideas to life

  • Gonçalo Costa Santos

    Gonçalo Costa Santos

    Lisbon-based product person and a really wannabe-in-construction developer (MERN). Agile is also an interesting topic.

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