Brand Identity

What is Branding?

Brand is who you really are. Some say brand is “what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. Just like human, a brand should have an identity such as a name or a visual outlook. Brand is what people perceive about you, about your unique personality, your unique sense of fashion, etc.

Meanwhile, branding is the activity of describing one product’s identity to differentiate the product from the others. As an entrepreneur, you will have to know how to deliver your products to the customers in the right way so the customers will use your products, and this is why branding is needed.

Putting Bear Brand’s branding strategy as an example. They made a totally different milk from any conventional milks sold in Indonesia and even made a brand promise, to make the consumers healthy or even healthier by helping the digestive process using high-quality sterilized milk, without sugar and any preservatives. They are able to fulfill the brand promise, and made it as their brand advantage.

Brand strategy is the plan to fulfill the original goal, a long-term plan to make your product a strong brand by demonstrating the values and the commitment of your product. This strategy will raise people’s awareness about your product.

But, branding and brand strategy is totally different. Brand strategy is one of the ways to make your product a well-known brand, while branding is the way to deliver the identity of your product in order to let people easily describe your product.

Some other say branding is “the process to change a basic purpose into beneficence”. When a product is delivered correctly, people will remember your product easily in their minds. In other words, consumers can create a picture of your product when they’re in need. When somebody has the urge to drink a soda, they’d automatically think about getting some Coca-Cola, since Coca-Cola were able to create a picture of a soda drink into consumers’ mind. It is a given to think about what the consumers need and it is also a given to fulfill their needs by creating a correct brand for the correct customers.

by Ganesha Lufthansa