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My struggle to quit a full time job and to start a startup

I made six attempts between 2007 and 2010 to quit my full time job and start something, and the fear of unknown used take over and i used to take my resignation back. I got comfortable with monthly pay check, and month end commitments. At that time, the only way to earn money is to work in a company and month end salary.

The moment -

I was attending a transformative learning course, in which a coach suggested we can do what anything we want to do, but our thoughts are the barrier and we ourself are enemy for not doing what we want to do.

It was during this time i got married in Nov 2010, and i quit my job next month in Dec 2010 and started my first company.

Here are two things that helped me to quit my job and start a company -

  1. Reduce Expense : I reduced my expenses to INR 4000 per month, i moved to leased home, only expense was food and internet.
  2. Imagining failure : There could be three things that could happen:
  • (a.) If i fail miserably in my own startup, i would take up a job.
  • (b.) Mediocre situation — no success nor failure
  • (c.) I will be successful in startup and will earn more money than my full time job.
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