Don’t Outsource Your Thinking
Blake Ross

This is fantastic and exactly what I have been thinking about for some time now.

In India, especially, I have seen this new trend: (journalists/media houses) subscribe to a particular narrative (e.g. religious violence or women under attack or anything one can imagine of). Then, find stories that fit this narrative. Or worse, twist facts or report prematurely to bolster the theme. Since, all stories are developing, corrections happen more frequently, even for serious events. And — the corrections seldom carry equal prominence.

This all works like a movie studio that caters to its own perception of public taste by producing forgettable movies.

There are several examples of such things happening. Thanks to over-Twitter-enthusiastic journalists, it is not difficult to spot the gaps.

So, what do we, the people, do?

As you have said very rightly: Don’t trust the media.

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