First Day at Work

Source: Goggle. I'm perfectly balancing my work and life as the picture depicts :D

It's been 8 months I'm away from school as my health was not so great. Now, I'm back and excited to experience my routine life. As I planned I would start logging my whole day for a week or two, I did log my whole day. I want to observe patterns of my time management and excel it eventually. I will do my logging a week or two.

Today I spoke with my mom as soon as I woke up and did prayer after that. I refreshed a bit and exercised for 30 mins. Later, my sister called and we spoke a lot at the same time I was getting ready and had my breakfast too. I left home and went to bank and my school to meet few professors, but as expected they aren't available. Later I went to library and watched some youtube videos and started working on one of my monthly goal. It was time and I had to goto work.

I was walking and I had many thoughts on what to write today, yet I did not log them. When I thought about blogging today, I really forgot what I thought of. From today I want to make sure, whenever I get a thought I really should log them and work on it at the end of the day.

It was really good day at work, we have a conference at my school which I had to take care. I completed all the works and sign in sheets that are required for the event and called it a day off. I came home later with my colleague and he was craving for Dosa. We treated him with his favorite dosa, pickle and chutney. It was great to see him happy. I always wished everyone around me should be happy and I will contribute my part in making them happy at least from my side. Few moments later, everyone dispersed.

I thought I would take a power nap for 30 minutes but, I slept for 1.5 hour. Thanks to my roommate who woke me up otherwise I might have skipped writing today. I did not feel like waking up was almost on the verge of giving up writing today. But, I pushed myself and wrapped up my blanket and got off my bed. Consistency is the key to many things, I don't want to miss what I planned even for a day.

It's pretty late already, because ice cream delayed my writing :P.

Good night :)