Dockercon 2017 Observations

I know it’s a month old, but had committed to penning down my observations to a friend who works there! I hadn’t been at DockerCon for a few years but after the Opensource pissing match last year, I expected this to be more of the same and I must say I was pleasantly surprised! Here’s what I took away:

  1. Docker finally got their Enterprise Message right! “ We are for the Enterprise and we are all about the developer experience!” — spot on, hard to get right, Developers and Enterprises need two different nouns and verbs to talk to, but Docker got it right and I think session content this year ensured this was covered throughout!
  2. They have real customers — paying customers who are willing to sing praises! From keynotes to breakout sessions (checkout the Intuit session!), customers were out there in the open not just saying Docker helped them, but really screaming out how much they dig the technology and the team. This really cements Docker’s evolution from having lot of early adopters to getting into production in Enterprises!
  3. Orchestration: The still unresolved problem in the container space is that of orchestration. There are many models of how containers should be managed at scale: Docker’s own Swarm, Google’s open-source Kubernetes project, Amazon’s ECS, Mesos and Mesosphere, Rancher’s Cattle, and CoreOS. Some of these are moving towards consolidating their APIs — for instance Rancher supports multiple orchestrators managed by their base orchestrator. CoreOS is supporting Kubernetes. There is early evidence that Kubernetes is emerging as the leader in the space, but still early to tell.

Overall, awesome event, they kind of showed they know how to put together an Enterprise class show with precise messaging and more importantly alongside Fortune 1000 customers! Also, I really feel the Dockers have the #Austin vibe and it’s good to see this ecosystem using Austin as home to get together this year!

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