Digital Marketing Done Right by Wendy’s

“Always think outside the box!”. That’s probably what Wendy’s, a famous fast food restaurant chain always put onto their minds.

Wendy’s are getting more famous than ever thanks to their hilarious remarks on twitter that attracts twitter users around the world to interact with them.

Wendy’s twitter account is giving sassy yet funny responses to people that tweeted to them, and for some reason people don’t hate it, but instead, they love it! As seen from the picture above, the tweet that only contains a picture of a trash bin has been liked for over 14 thousand times and retweeted for over 8 thousand times! They don’t hesitate to tweet controversial thing that includes other big companies such as McDonalds, Burger King and others!

Take a look at Wendy’s comeback on Burger King’s try to bring down their 4 for 4$ meal combo:

Wendy’s are throwing funny and smart responses to people trying to troll them while being able to slip their motto inside their tweets; “Fresh, never frozen.”

The best thing about Wendy’s internet behavior as a huge troll on twitter is, they get to advertise their brand by the help of twitter users, without having to pay them. They only get to tweet on their already-popular twitter account, replying to trolls mentioning their account and have people retweet and like them. Pretty clever indeed.

Are all these tweets happened to be popular unintentionally? Wendy’s social media manager says, “Like I said, we actually have conversations like this all the time.” Whether it’s intentional or not, their internet behavior is making them more famous and recognizable.

Finally, what can we all learn from this? We can all learn that there are tons of way to advertise your brand, and Wendy’s does it by being completely open online, of course while being responsible. Are you interested in using Wendy’s way to advertise your company?