Here in the United Kingdom, A-level results have been a complete mess due to the COVID19 pandemic. For some reason it was decided to should let an algorithm figure out what peoples grades should be, even though they’ve probably taken mock exams or already done 70% of the work towards their final grade.

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As the grades started pouring out in early August, lots of students started to notice how the grades they were given were lower than predicted or even mock exam grades. Things start to appear consistent across the country and it appears the algorithm used to calculate the…

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(Depending on where you live)

At times I find public transport terrible. Where I live is a coastal area, so extreme weather and high tides cause major disruption to the rail network every autumn/winter/spring. Then during the summer, the trains and roads are packed with people on holiday, all causing havoc with their large caravans and trailers.

A daily commute to work (when not working from home) is approximately 15 miles each way, giving a total of 30 miles per day. If we assumed this journey was made at an average of 30mph, that would mean only spending 5 hours per week travelling. …

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CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing)

Let’s go straight to the point, in my opinion CORS is terrible. It’s a client based implementation that seems to create more problems for developers than it does benefits.

A user could easily change to a client that doesn’t enforce CORS behaviour, instantly bypassing everything CORS tries to achieve.

And yes, this is another post disliking CORS. But that’s because just like Internet Explorer, CORS will cause a development headache that may take hours (potentially even weeks if using a cloud hosting provider) to fix for many years to come.

What is CORS?

CORS is meant to restrict access to resources that you…

Broken Hard Disk
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rm -Rf in /root? Silly You.

Right, if for some reason someone managed to rm -Rf your /root or /etc directory, this may help you to recover a fair amount of your cPanel files.

Note: This article was originally published on my website in 2013. Some commands may not run as expected, but the overall process of copying files from old host to new, then forcing cPanel to backup then restore the accounts hopefully still works

The process basically involves copying the old files into a new installation of cPanel (same IP as the license from the previous, or just replace the license afterwards).
Then, copying over…

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