I feel

I feel 
Your head resting on my shoulder
when I am alone counting the shades of sunset
Curating rhythm out of fading waves
Listening to the songs of soothing stillness
Taming the lyrics of the wanderlust thoughts
And you,
Tapping your fingers on back of my hand
composing background score for the silent musical

I feel
You standing with me
When I am clueless about my presence at a boulevard
Finding my place in the quietude of the chaos
Looking back to trace the path that led me here
Searching ahead the directions to lose myself
And you,
Holding my hand with a gentle smile
Leading the uncertain path with sublime assurance

I feel 
You resting on my lap
On a rainy afternoon, there is fight for some light
Me, Lost in a deep conversation of nothing
Fingers, strolling in a labyrinth of your silky hair
Tea, fighting the cold with its escaping vapours
And you,
Laying there curled up in a cozy arc
Taking swift breaths to delay the hustling eve

I feel 
Your presence across the table
When I am finding harmony in the fidgety shadows
Candle, flickering to fight your vibrant radiance
Ambiance, rebelling against your subtle elegance
Music, muffled down in a shouting silence
And you,
Sitting there turning the pages from your day
Losing me in the ripples of newfound exuberance