Data Analysis — Beta Test Ride, Chennai
Chaitanya Hegde

Chaitanya — two questions on this very interesting post

  1. You mentioned that the IMU can be used as an alternative when there is no GPS (via the GPS receiver in the bike / data-connectivity via SIM). Can you please explain that a bit more. How do you reckon that the IMU can be used as an alternative to the GPS based route tracking. Or are you suggesting that the IMU can be used for something other than route tracking?
  2. For the various analysis that you mentioned, where the user can be notified of , a potential crash-inducing behavior (or) a high energy consuming behavior, in your tests were you able to do these calculations near time and present to the user? The visualization on the dashboard could be done asynchronously and that might be a good-to-have, though the alerting about a crash-inducing drive might need to be near real-time (or real-time maybe). Can you please write about this (or point to a post if this is already detailed elsewhere).

Thank You

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