Using Snap Spectacles on vacation 😎

I recently spent 9 days in Osaka and Kyoto and used Spectacles to take a ton of videos. Here are some quick thoughts:

  1. It’s so easy to take videos, so I took way more than I ever did with my phone — anywhere between 20 and 60 a day, depending on how interesting the sights were, and the weather on that day.
  2. You can’t take photos with Spectacles. This is reasonable if you think about the different level of framing and quality expected of a photo, even a snap, and how you can’t see exactly what you’re taking with Spectacles.
  3. I didn’t share a single Spectacles snap to Snapchat during the trip. I didn’t want to autopost every Spectacles snap to my story, and I was too lazy to edit/post at the end of the day after I downloaded. Contrast this to snaps I take with my iPhone which I always post immediately to friends and/or my Story. I ended up sharing about 10 of them after I returned from Japan.
  4. It takes a while to download snaps to my iPhone (through bluetooth). On the order of 10 seconds per snap. I generally tried to avoid doing this during the day to save battery on my phone (iPhone 6S). If you’re downloading the HD versions, it takes even longer and is more troublesome.
  5. The Spectacles themselves never ran out of battery, and I didn’t have to charge them every night. I suspect a big part of this was that I put them in the case which itself is a battery.
  6. It feels awkward to wear Spectacles on days where it’s not that sunny, or after the sun goes down, but YOLO/vacation. The fact that I have the teal colored ones doesn’t help because they stand out way more than the black ones.
  7. I wear glasses sometimes due to being too early an adopter to LASIK surgery in 2007. During the trip, sometimes I’d wear glasses with Spectacles on my forehead/hair to take Snaps. The camera’s view would be a bit too high but I’d try to adjust and the resulting video generally looks okay because of the fisheye lens. I, on the other hand, looked ridiculous.
  8. No one called me out or punched me in the face for wearing Spectacles. Perhaps this is because Japan, or perhaps it does feel more socially acceptable than Google Glass even though I’m recording videos all the time.

Overall, Spectacles were incredible for effortlessly capturing memories while still enjoying the moment — which is something I could never do with my iPhone. My main complaint is getting them to your phone and off Snapchat (e.g. into iCloud photos) is troublesome, but this seems like a strategic product decision for Snap. Perhaps this forces me to use Snapchat memories as my go to photo/video store, which is a clever move for them if they really want to be “a camera company”.