Fully applying a data-driven approach to your product is hard. You need to invest a lot in building the infrastructure that will allow you to measure everything you want, see it clearly in a dashboard, and take action based on it. But metrics are a very powerful tool that you don’t want to give up on, even if you will never measure anything.

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“Do I really need to start measuring everything that happens on the product?”
That was the question that S., the CPO of a startup that has a great product in the market asked me with a sigh. You could hear the frustration in his voice. Going all-in into data and measurements is not trivial, and even more so when you are a startup that has good traction and hence a lot of other product investments you want to make.

While my answer to S. was that yes, he needs to start measuring because at some point this would become an amazing decision-making mechanism for the entire company, I can fully understand why it seems too big to even start. My advice to S. was to start the other way around: assume you can easily measure anything you want, and you already have amazing dashboards. …


Noa Ganot

Helping product executives and their companies grow. Formerly VP Product @Twiggle, Head of Product @eBay Israel and Senior Product @Imperva. www.ganotnoa.com

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