What makes Copper Pipes Unbeatable Choice for Varied Industries?

Copper can be regarded as an indispensable metal that is widely utilized in various industries all over the world in some form or the other. The most common use of copper has been found to be in the electrical industry. Copper has widespread popularity in that particular area for being good conductor of electrical charge. However, copper as a metal has other varied and important uses as well. Copper being a metal is malleable and ductile. These factors make it an important constituent in plumbing as well as architectural use. One such popular use of copper is in the form of copper pipes.

Copper Pipes: A Brief Introduction to the Features
Copper Pipes or tubes have widespread popularity for the movement of various kinds of materials through them. Apart from being, a good electrical and thermal conductor copper has a good name for being resistant towards various adverse factors. These factors include corrosion, atmospheric fluctuations, thermal damage and many more.

Copper Pipes are available in two primary forms:
• Hard or Drawn Copper Pipes and Tubes
• Soft or Annealed Copper Pipes and Tubes
Both these forms of copper pipes are utilized as per the dictates of the requirements mentioned for the project where they are used.
The primary features of copper tubes or pipes are listed as follows:
• Copper pipes have been procured to be versatile in their performance
• They are available in a wide range of lengths, diameters and shapes. Moreover, all these feature can be customized as per the requirements of the projects.
• The performance of copper pipes in the various areas have been found to be practically flawless
• The life cycle of copper pipes is comparatively long
• Copper pipes have negligible maintenance
• The resistance towards corrosion in any form is found to be high in copper pipes
• The thermal conductivity of copper pipes is found to be good, which makes it an important constituent in HVAC systems
• Installation and customization of copper pipes and fittings is found to be quite easy
• The cost effectiveness of copper is found to be affordable as per its performance when copper pipes are considered for various projects
Uses of Copper Pipes
The applications where a copper pipe is found out to be a primary constituent include:
• Water Supply as well as distribution Systems both superficial as well as underground
• Gas Services that require underground plumbing
• HVAC Systems including air cooling as well heating for buildings
• Refrigerators use copper pipes extensively for their cooling units
• Solar Heating Systems where thermal conductivity is required
• Systems those are responsible for supply and distribution of fuel oils
• Supply Systems for Oxygen as well as other medical gases, which are non-inflammable
• Reinforcement system in concrete for buildings where iron cannot be used for atmospheric conditions like the coastal areas
• Decorative agents for interior design in building as well as the exterior parts as well

Copper pipes must be chosen with care and consideration before using them for the specified requirements.

Originally published at ganpatiengineering.blogspot.in on October 26, 2015.