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I agree with most of what you say. I don’t think there is a straightforward answer to the predicament. I am not in the profession of teaching children and hence may not be best qualified to comment on how it should be done in schools. But I particulary felt compelled to react to your comment “people are selling ideologies from both sides”.

Science is not ideology. At least that’s now how I look at it. Science is the way we learn about things and about the world around us, the interaction we have with all things, living and non-living. So it’s completely unfair to compare religious ideologies with Science. As teachers and parents ( I have two children), we have the responibility of passing what we have learned/discovered till now to the next generation. The next generation can choose to build on them or disprove our learning and eventually set out on a path to learn things more accurately, etc. etc.

If you burn all religious scripts from around the world today, 1000 years from now, they are not going to come back in the same form. Religions may survive these 1000 years or new religions may form. But certainly new religious scripts will be writen, which will be way different from the ones know today. And intelligent design will probably not even be a thing. But on the other hand, if you burn all science books/texts/papers today, after 1000 years, they will come back one way or the other, more matured, more evolved.

With that premise, let me say, that intelligent design has no place to be taught in elementary schools. On that note, I don’t think science has to be “sold”. Science just “is” and “will be”. That’s all. Evolution should be taught as the most plausible theory based on what we know right now. You don’t have to sell evolution eiher. But to say just because evolution is taught, intelligent design should be taught as well in classrooms, is a bit too far, in my opinion.

Thanks again for your thought provoking notes above. I appreciate you taking the time to do the same.