Why design patterns are needed in JS?

While debugging the code, have you ever wondered how can one write the code so awfully? If you are a person who debugs code frequently, the above mentioned question is almost a weekly occurrence, if I am being optimistic.

One’s code is a reflection of one’s understanding of the solution to a problem. Design patterns help programmers to think in structured way which in-turn help the programmers to come up with efficient solution to the problem. What are design patterns?

Design patterns are tested style of writing the code which will help the programmer to come up with an efficient solution. A design pattern is chosen depending on the problem at hand. Every design pattern has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

Design patterns play very important role in loosely typed languages like JS as the language allows user to write code in anyway one wishes which results in a unstructured code leading to… debugging night mare. Unstructured code is hard to maintain and leads to inefficient use of resources. To prevent programmers from writing unstructured code, we need design patterns.

The most famous design patterns in the JS are explained very well in the below mentioned article.

It takes time and effort to understand the design patterns but you won’t regret spending time on them.

Have a nice day.. :)