Litflix: Literature After Television

Summer 2015 | ENGL 104–01 | Brian Ganter | Capilano University

In this crossover course students will read contemporary classics of American literature and one Shakespeare play, Richard III — alongside of three Netflix television series: Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and Orange is The New Black. The course is an introduction to the study of contemporary literature and an exercise in “literary” approaches to the medium of television and visual storytelling. Students will explore the pre-history of literary serial storytelling; the clash of commercialism and creativity; and the links between politics, philosophy and popular culture. We will move from overt literary references (Breaking Bad’s use of Shelley’s “Ozymandias” and Whitman’s Leaves of Grass) to a critical exploration of the modern Western, the feminist gothic, and the demands of reading in the age of the moving image.

Course Research Portal

House of Cards (Season One)

Orange is the New Black (Season One)

Breaking Bad (Season One)

Andrew Bennett and Nicholas Royle, This Thing Called Literature: Reading, Writing, Thinking

Octavia Butler, Fledgling

William Shakespeare, Richard III

Don DeLillo, Point Omega

Blood Meridian

Serial Storytelling

Scholarly Rocket. I teach in the English Dept. at Capilano University, Vancouver, British Columbia.

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