Ek cup cutting chai…..!

While travelling back home when I think about my day, I really feel terrible. You see most of us spend most of our time at work or thinking about work☹️. The message — “I don’t have time for myself” always pop up in my mind.

When I hear people giving odd statements like — Professional and Personal life must be different and never clash! I feel really useless, reason is quite obvious it’s a difficult thing to imbibe and I don’t think I have the capability to do it. And yes as a perfectly abnormal human being, the feeling that something I can’t do but others can gobbles me up!

I’m a typical IT professional! Well, working in IT is as cool as being a “Superhero”, since your seniors assume you have super natural powers. They send you on a ‘mission impossible task’ which even Ethan Hunt would find difficult to complete. Your seniors love to give you unmanageable tasks, they can ask you to make a boat fly like aeroplane! And we are suppose to make it work!

In a professional lifestyle you are just an actor framed in a role imposed with rules and regulations (The reel life! I say). On the contrary in your personal space you are everything you want to be (The real life!). Both the worlds are extremely different from each other with one thing in common — YOU.

My office life is very boring (VERYYYYY). There’s always buzz around in office for the entire day. Basically, our usual days starts up with “Bargaining”.

Oh Yes! they do….

So, you enter the meeting room for a Scrum, everyone give their updates and you are appreciated for your efforts. BUT they say that’s not enough as project deadline is nearing and give you x days to complete the pending tasks which require y days, where x<y.

But there’s this one thing that makes my stressful “Work day” a “Good day”!

Ek cup cutting chai…..! This is the most awaited part of my entire work day. For some of us its a back up reason to get out of office have ‘smoke for a little smoke’. There are people who say that at work you should be thoroughly professional and your colleagues should only be co-workers. But, then that’s an Ideal Case right? In my 12th grade I have learnt that there’s nothing IDEAL in biological world. So, I do have colleagues who are good friends of mine! 😃 These guys make it easy to vent out all the office stress. Basically, my chai time — is the best part of my work time (as it includes all the office gossips!).

One conversation with your boss about project development can make you feel that your life is going in no direction, you are just a puppet following instructions. And continuously hammered with company’s vision and mission. You keep cribbing about it, still keep at it. At times at lunch even your favorite Sabji tastes so bland that you even doubt your choice and your mom’s cooking.

And finally when the clock strikes 4 pm, comes the most awaited session — Chai pe charcha! And you geared up to vent out all your frustration.

Like all the other offices we do have a pack of Sherlock Holmes in our office, we call them the “Khabrees”. They Always have some new gossips for every day, and I just enjoy it thoroughly (even if I don’t I pretend — people with good heart face this issue!). Today I got to know that the girl who sits across my cubical is dating my team member. And like every other guy in the office I kept wondering how come this Champu got away with this hot shot south Indian girl ☹️.

Then the khabree comes up with a news that makes everyone burn into jealousy. What else? So another Idiot has got an offer from “renowned company IT company” with 7 digit salary package! Then our discussion move forward to the Out door projects, you get to know other lot of peanut sized brainees got their way through to London, NY for project. And you still gonna fight to get a seat in Mumbai local. You hate you life even more.

The discussion then moves on to our boring weekend plans. Where everyone follows the process flow:

Just then somebody pinches you with another depressing thought — Appraisals!!! Now the entire conversation gets super duper interesting — It is that time of the year. You get to see two classes of people here: one who sincerely worked their @** off on the projects and others who are thoroughly unproductive. There’s one more sub class — people who say that this is the last time they will wait for appraisal and look for new job (and then I see them in the same office for another year). And there’s this subclass of the type Class2 who on the basis #beingunproductive get negative hikes (which super humiliating).

By the end of the session someone start cribbing about the deadlines and #theentrepreneur says “let’s start up something of our own”. This is the most interesting part of the session, and people take it seriously like seriously. So, we started the discussion and we even land upon a so called full proof plan. This particular part of the session isn’t complete until names like — Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Sachin Bansal are popped in for inspiration. People even decide upon the departments in their virtual venture (somewhere they even imagine themselves seated in the CEO’s chair). This goes on and on for a quite some time until… one of us get a call from his manager.

And then, the excitement falls back with the speed of 299792458 m/s (the speed of light) and we run with the speed of …….. (that can beat Usain Bolt too!).

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