Building the dream

Our product story (in development)

June, 2014 — Introducing Folio 1.0

Details: full walkthrough tutorial of core features from Folio, a collaborative publishing platform for academics and researchers.
Details: libraries are curated collection of stories. This is a walkthrough tutorial on how to create and edit a library.
Details: some responsive design to optimize iPad and Iphone views

January, 2014 — Dashboard walkthrough

Details: featured content appears on “Bookshelf”, while all posts are organized in topic-based “Libraries”. The user can also bookmark posts and save them to read later. Published content has a Flipboard-style page flip, although it can also scroll vertically.

December, 2013 — Content Editor

Details: An easy-to-use publishing tool that enables the creation of immersive multimedia storytelling experiences. It uses a minimalistic editor, where content is front and center without distractions. The author can either build vertically or add pages to the story, for which there are a few base layouts to start working from. Photos/videos can be pulled directly from Dropbox or accounts like Flickr for photos or Vimeo for videos. Published content looks great in all devices.
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