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June, 2014 — Introducing Folio 1.0

Details: full walkthrough tutorial of core features from Folio, a collaborative publishing platform for academics and researchers.
Details: libraries are curated collection of stories. This is a walkthrough tutorial on how to create and edit a library.
Details: some responsive design to optimize iPad and Iphone views

January, 2014 — Dashboard walkthrough

Details: featured content appears on “Bookshelf”, while all posts are organized in topic-based “Libraries”. The user can also bookmark posts and save them to read later. Published content has a Flipboard-style page flip, although it can also scroll vertically.

December, 2013 — Content Editor

Details: An easy-to-use publishing tool that enables the creation of immersive multimedia storytelling experiences. It uses a minimalistic editor, where content is front and center without distractions. The author can either build vertically or add pages to the story, for which there are a few base layouts to start working from. Photos/videos can be pulled directly from Dropbox or accounts like Flickr for photos or Vimeo for videos. Published content looks great in all devices.

On education, self-apprenticeship and patronage

How did Mozart become a prodigy? What moved Steve Jobs to found Apple? How can college dropouts create multi-billion dollar companies today? I am intrigued, but all theories point to the same place: self-apprenticeship.

Clear-cut apprenticeships, along with patronage, gave birth to some of the most creative minds in history, like Leonardo da Vinci or William Shakespeare. They were given the resources and mentors matched to their specific skill, and ultimately, became Masters. …

Enabling conversations around notes people take. On collaborative publishing and investigative journalism.

Most inventions, stories and ideas have something in common: they are inspired by something. In today’s digital age, we continuously get inspired by following blogs, reading Medium articles, looking at photography, browsing trending tweets and connecting with friends on Facebook. Collecting inspiration from places is a very valuable tool, and for that purpose the appearance of bookmarklets and Pinterest — collect and organize things you love.

The collaborative beauty of research comes when you are able to take someone else’s data collection and continue to add value with your own hypothesis and analysis. Then, inspiration also has a personal, original…

The Age of Emotional E-Commerce

Wouldn’t it be meaningful to plan and book a trip according to your favorite book? Wouldn’t you enjoy buying that classic jacket while watching your lifestyle-defining movie? What if brands became publishers and products were just the extension of a story? One of the reasons why journalism is endangered is because what they do is no longer related to how they make money from it. For its survival, brands must become publishers, and vice versa.

In fact, publishers are already behind. As consumer product brands turn into storytellers to break through the social media noise, the evolution of journalism might…

Any PhD Interested in This? Research Needed

Almost all social platforms put a big emphasis on the number of followers you have, the number of “likes” your posts accumulate and the number of times your content is shared by others. There is no doubt the author is interested in knowing all of these statistics, but how do these stats influence the way consumers interact with content, and how do these impact recommendation engines?

It makes sense that recommendation algorithms take into account the number of views or likes. But, does the fact that users already know how many likes a post have, influence the decision of liking…

Wordpress, Medium, Tumblr

They say content is king, but are today’s blogging platforms designed to improve the quality of content? Even if quality was not a priority, are they designed so that we can find content we are interested in? Let´s take a quick look at Wordpress, Tumblr and Medium.

The 1-9-90 rule states that in a collaborative website, 90% of the participants of a community only view content, 9% of the participants edit content, and 1% of the participants actively create new content.

On Wordpress

Following the 1-9-90 rule, Wordpress seems to be the most popular blogging tool for the 1% given its flexible…

Where Humanism marries Science

Leonardo da Vinci epitomizes the innovation explosion from the Italian Renaissance. Considered to be a genius by many, he was a painter, sculptor, humanist, scientist, architect, philosopher, engineer, and more. In retrospect, this essay briefly examines the influence of technology all the way from Leonardo’s polyglot inventions to Jack Dorsey’s Twitter, to finally discuss the future of blogging.

Indeed, art and culture in the Renaissance would have never flourished without the help of technology. The invention of the printing press in the mid 1400s made the works of great authors widely available. This meant going from a few hand-copied manuscripts…

mod is a sub-culture with its roots in London-based stylish young men in the late 1950s . LOVERS OF TAILOR-MADE SUITS, JAZZ MUSIC , AND CUSTOM SCOOTERS.

Gapelian brainstorming sessions

A Crisis in Long-form Journalism

Blogging as we know it has excelled at easily turning everybody into publishers. As a result, content quality has lowered and great stories get lost in continuous torrents of information. Breaking news, tweets and status updates are evidently insufficient to make us a more informed society. Authentic stories are life-changing, but the fascination about knowledge inside of books has been taken away by today’s information systems. Step back and realize how people read tweets instead of reading books, it is heart breaking.

The appearance of “personal brands” is a prime example of how authentic journalism is at stake. Lost in…


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