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In the old days, you could get by quite well without too much creativity. So long as you got up every morning early did your chores, life on the homestead pretty much took care of itself, things didn’t change much.

Sure, sometimes creativity was necessary to solve problems (“How the hell am I going to get all these darn sheep shorn by sundown?”), but most of the time all you needed was a strong back and equally strong work ethic.

Not any longer. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella recently described the world we now live in as a place that “values innovation more than anything else.”

Basically, we live in a world where everything we need could be easily supplied by 10% of the world’s population, according to Brown University’s Mark Blyth.

And the only way to be a part of that 10% is to know how to innovate, how to invent.

And innovation starts life out as an act of creativity. Innovation without creativity simply doesn’t happen.

If I’m bugging you to be more creative, it’s not because I want you to quit your day job to go be an artist, but because I want you to actually be able to feed yourself.

The world is changing, scarily so, and creativity is our only hope. There is nothing else.

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