5 Advantages of the Best Fire Alarm System in Mantua, NJ

You want the best fire alarm system in Mantua, NJ, to protect your family and home, but aren’t the smoke alarms on your ceiling enough? No, they’re not. Yes, they sound if you burn your garlic bread while it’s underneath the broiler, which is annoying, but that may not be enough warning. The primary cause of death in house fires is smoke inhalation, and should a fire break out while everyone is asleep, you may succumb to the smoke before you wake up. Look for these five things in your home fire system.

1. Two-Way Detection

You want your alarms to detect more than smoke; you want them to detect heat, too. If your alarm system is looking for heat, it will go into action the minute flames ignite, no matter how small. Better yet, it can alert you of fire danger before the fire breaks out, because it senses escalating temperatures in your home, such as an overheating furnace. This gives you time to shut the unit down before fire.

2. Advanced Notification

The best fire alarm system in Mantua, NJ, will alert you of danger through an alarm sound and lights. It will also set off a sprinkler system just like the ones you see in commercial buildings to douse the fire. It will send an immediate signal to your local fire department so you can focus on getting everyone out of the house instead of calling 9–1–1. If you’re away, your advanced system can call your cell phone.

3. Advanced Components

You want your fire system to multi-task when it comes to protecting your family and your home. Look for a system that has indicating and initiating devices that sound the alarm if the system detects an emergency, a protected battery system to ensure your alarm works no matter what, and a panel that gives you control over the entire system, including password and reset options.

4. The System Should Also Have…

As briefly touched upon above, the best fire alarm system in Mantua, NJ, should give you the power to control your system via your smartphone. It should also dial in to your smartphone in the event there is an emergency when you’re away. You should be silence the alarm with the flip of a switch, and have an easy-to-read LED display. Electromagnetic door locks can secure unsafe parts of your home as well.

5. Installation

Finally, you may be thinking this is a comprehensive commercial fire system scaled down for residential use, and you’d be right. Why shouldn’t you protect your family and home with an advanced system? If that is your plan, the fifth advantage of the best fire system is professional installation. It’s best to leave the install to the experts, as they know how to ensure every element is working properly.

You love your family and you love your home. Protect them both with the best fire alarm system in Mantua, NJ. When you install a comprehensive system designed to detect danger at the first possible second, you increase your chances of evading potential disaster. Contact an expert company today.