Imagine that NBC hires disproportionately more Asian And Hispanic Americans over other groups that are also designated People of Color…

Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Disability, Sexuality, Religion.

These are some of the common buckets that most diversity and inclusion programs fail in. Fall in.

Yet a lot of us, during this acute health crisis are looking at ourselves and colleagues/citizens through different lenses:

Parent, caretaker, single/relationship, expat/native can/can’t remote work, employee/gig…

This research memo looks at lesser known issues and solutions for companies to increase chances of hiring more Black professionals.

Why this Memo?

Anecdotally problems re: hiring black employees keep popping up. From Google’s struggles, to Black employees at Facebook speaking on their position.

And according to meta-analysis from 2017, discrimination against African-Americans…


Since 2012 on a mission to eradicate bias towards identity by 2025

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