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*This is an article from Tokenpost translated in English. You may see the originial version at *
Gaps (GAPS), a company that develops block chain and artificial intelligence (AI) based prediction platforms, pointed out the block chain industry problems and expressed its aspiration to create a user-centered Dapp environment.

GAPS points out the current block chain industries problems as follows: unnecessary block chain introduction, uniform projects underway around the platform, the inaccessibility for the general public and the UX/UI, and the profitability that heavily relies in coin transactions.

GAPS states that “Most projects are forcing the block chain to fit existing projects to attract public attention and investment.” In addition, GAPS also states that “Most vendors are focused on fighting the platform hegemony, not user-centricity.” The success and failure of block chain technology depends not on the platform but one the activation of Dapp that executes on top. …

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