3 Ways to grow your Sales pipeline with real-time data enrichment

Third party data has mostly been of limited use to marketers. It’s usually anonymised and not available when you need it. But as new services emerge, things are changing.

Here are three ways you can use data enrichment to improve your Sales funnel. Note: You’ll need to work with your dev team to implement this. But it’ll be worth it. Your Sales team will love you for this.

Enrichment Example 1: Reduce friction in your sign up form (Segment + Clearbit)

Are prospects dropping off because your sign up form is too long? Why not pre-populate the form?

a. Create a 2 step form with step 1 capturing their email address. Write Javascript to listen for changes in the email form field.

b. The moment the user finishes entering their email, send that email to Clearbit. Clearbit’s enrichment API will return a JSON object that can be used to pre-fill the rest of the form in real-time.

c. Allow the user to review & update their details. If the user makes any updates, just to be safe, discard the entire dataset, keeping only the verified bits.

d. If you want to get really fancy, you can cross-reference the user’s occupation against that of existing clients who have given you referrals. During the registration process or on the registration confirmation page, you can add additional social proof by displaying a referral from a customer who shares the same job title as the user i.e. peer reviews are more compelling.


Here’s the open source code if you want to implement frictionless signup

Enrichment Example 2: Automate Lead Scoring (MadKudu)

Are you getting more inbound leads that you can handle? Or is Sales unhappy with the quality of the leads you pass to them? Why not consider automated lead scoring? You can enrich your lead profile by connecting your CRM or marketing automation solution with MadKudu’s predictive lead scoring service.

a. Send your payload of lead identifying data to MadKudu. MadKudu runs the data through a branching model and returns a Firmographic (fit) score on a scale of 1 to 10.

b. You can then create a tailored onboarding process based on their Firmographic score e.g high touch for good scores and self-service for the rest.


Here’s additional detail on how MadKudu’s predictive scoring works.

Enrichment Example 3: Send Sales alert for “hot” leads (Slack + Clearbit + MadKudu)

What does Sales typically do when a jane24@yahoo.com visits your website? Nothing. Lead scoring systems try to ignore personal email addresses. But what if jane24@yahoo.com is the VP of Engineering at a Fortune 500 (your ideal customer), and she was just checking out your website using her personal account?

Oops. Your Sales team just missed the chance to engage a hot lead. Heres what you could do to fix this.

  1. When someone registers on your site with a personal email id, send the email to Clearbit to get additional identifying information.
  2. Send the full id payload received from Clearbit to MadKudu to get their firmographic score.
  3. If their firmographic score is good, post an alert to your Sales team via Slack so they can follow up with the lead. Your dev team should be able to build the alert in a few hours.

Hope you found these suggestions useful. Let me know if they work for you. And if you have any other use cases please share them in comments.

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