What means to be Mobile?

What means to be Mobile?

The term mobile is getting more relevant every day.

With the advent of smartphones, the wider cellular phone network coverage and the high-speed connections is possible to be connected with business and personal activities as well over any mobile device.

By mobile device I mean any electronic that does not require to be plugged to a cable to get its energy or internet and voice service, besides its size allows us to carry it along without being a burden.

Another huge change in mobile is the interface, the way we indicate the device the actions we want to perform, today practically all work through touch that transforms the user experience as well as the way to develop applications for this equipment.

Now it is possible to accomplish tasks that before were only available through a desktop or lap-top computer with internet access, that yields to increased productivity and shrinks the time you have to wait for an answer, a process, a review or report in a mobile device.

With the mobility boom comes a huge device variety, speed and internet access as well as a rise in the app development.

In the early days to be able to perform anything on a mobile device, you needed to get in a web site that was not optimized for mobile and look for the information, not every task could be done from the mobile device. This was due to a lack of features like lagging internet connection, slow performance or not having the connectivity where we needed.

However, every day is becoming easier to keep plugged and use the device as a replacement for the personal computer.

Even for lap-tops that used to be the more powerful mobile devices but rather were a burden to carry-on everywhere, the startup time was really long to wait for and the battery life was very short, all this did not make it the more convenient choice.

Now mobile devices has been taking control, by the development of a lot of apps available in the market today, being this paid or free, developed by individuals or corporations.

Bring us the chance to fulfill many activities like make payments, review the bank balance and make transactions, ask for an insurance, a cab, play games, browse for products, make product comparisons instantly, buy airplane tickets, avoid to print the boarding pass, etc. the possibilities are only limited by the developer’s imagination rather than the tech specs of the devices.

Within the limitations for this are the wide variety of models available, configurations, memory (2, 4, 8 gbs), storage (16, 32, 64 gbs), number of processors (1, 2 or 4), camera type (front, rear), size and resolution of the screen (2, 4, 8 in), brand (Apple, Sony, Samsung, HTC), Operating System flavor and version (Android, IOS, Windows), that have to be considered when developing handy and useful applications for mobile devices.

Another important issue is the security of the device as well as the information it holds. With the raise in the number of enterprises and employees that are joining the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), every employee is able to carry its personal device and use it for business purposes, with access to corporate email, enterprise network access, set-up meetings or make approvals for internal processes, while at the same time they have personal information and access to non-business applications.

That is why there has to be some security measures that allow the employees to be connected in a secure way to be more productive with the device of their choice. Security must be reliable enough and with a low level of intrusion for the application to remain useful and handy for the user.

An additional advantage for the businesses that have an online channel to sell products or services in any industry is that mobile devices allow them to have a deeper knowledge of their customer’s behavior and preferences, and use that to create highly targeted offers or campaigns and have better outcomes with lower investments.

The bottom line is that mobility has allowed users and businesses be connected every moment and almost everywhere without being dependent of physical connections, cables or heavy equipment and difficult to carry along.

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Originally published at insights-on-business.com on December 26, 2014.

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