This is one of the questions we at Garage Conversion Glasgow get asked often by prospective clients — “Should we go “the whole hog” or should we keep a bit as a garage?”. As with many of the questions related to garage conversions, our answer is usually, “It depends.”

Your garage’s current use

We will always encourage our clients to think about how they currently use their garage and the space they have available in it i.e. is it big enough to be multi-purpose? If your garage currently houses only junk, you don’t do much gardening/car or motorbike maintenance/have loads of tools/isn’t wide enough for your car then you should ask yourself if you really need a garage at all. Many of our clients find a new shed (which we can also help you with) can comfortably house the few useful items that once occupied a whole garage. If on the other hand, you love tinkering with your classic Triumphs or enjoy a bit of carpentry then maintaining a partial garage may be the best option for you especially if you have a larger garage.

The purpose of your garage conversion

As well as existing use, we encourage our clients to think clearly about the main purpose of their intended garage conversion. Is it, for example, to create an extra living or entertaining space? If so, then how compatible (if at all) is this with having your partner’s motorcycle workshop right next to it? If your priority is the extra living space then this probably pushes you towards a complete conversion into habitable space, particularly with a single garage.

If the conversion is to create a hang out area (e.g. a man (or woman) cave, a band practice room or a luxury home workshop) and not for continual living or cooking then a mixed use space is perfectly feasible, allowing you to maintain some flexibility of use and to ensure that the conversion meets all of your needs.

It is important to talk this out with your partner and be in full agreement as to the nature and purpose of the conversion before you begin any detailed design with your architect as this will save you time, money and arguments.

Cost — is a partial garage conversion cheaper?

Some clients think that doing a partial conversion will be much cheaper but whilst it may involve slightly fewer materials overall, preparing a garage for conversion into even a partial habitable area requires a significant amount of work and we often find that clients who want a partial conversion also want the remaining garage area to be properly finished so it does not look poor in relation to the adjoining converted room. Deciding on a full or partial conversion should be done purely on the basis of your current and future requirements and not on the false premise of a partial conversion being “cheaper”.

To explore the most suitable garage conversion option for you, simply call us for an informal, no-obligation chat on 0141 280 4334.

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