Why RaceDeck is The Perfect Heavy Duty Garage Flooring solution

You’ve heard about RaceDeck, right? For those who are not familiar with this modular floor tile brand, here’s an introduction.

RaceDeck is a subsidiary of Snaplock Industries based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The brand is credited with the creation of modern modular flooring industry. For the past 20 years, the company has launched 6 different patented interlocking tiles with 11 different choices.

Tile Warranty

Today most of the modular flooring tile manufacturers offer a decent 15-year warranty. But just like the creation of modern modular flooring industry, you can also trace back RaceDeck’s name as the first brand to offer 15-year warranty including U.V resistance, oil stain resistance, chemical resistance, and of course ease of maintenance.

Tile Manufacturing

When considering a flooring job for your garage, you’d want something durable and long lasting. RaceDeck garage flooring tiles are manufactured using the highest quality of polypropylene plastic. Using 100% polypropylene for tile manufacturing not only ensures added durability but also requires no fillers, foam agents lead or other foreign material. That’s not all of it, even after such a durable flooring option, RaceDeck can be cut by any table saw, circular saw or jigsaw for maximum customization, unlike any other product.

Truly Modular Design

Here is the best part, all RaceDeck products can be interchanged that allows limitless customization options, creativity, and function as you desire. The entire lineup of RaceDeck tiles come in standard 12” x 12” size and are ½” thick except the XL tile that is 18” x 18” x ½” but interchangeable with 12” tiles. Pick any other product and you’ll find tile sizes of 13” x 13” and 15.75” x 15.75” and ¾” thick which of course do not even interchange with their own kind.

The Power of 4

You’ll find claims of easy to assemble, easy to install tiles but reality kicks in. No other design allows easy connection as RaceDeck with a multi-patented PowerLock Technology known as “The Power of 4”. RaceDeck products comprise of 16 large pegs and loops (4 on each side) per tile. This PowerLock Technology is proven to be the best and the strongest solution.

Few more

Get any sleek and stylish tile from the market, it may look good as well. But the only problem, none of the tiles are free from odors, mold and mildew problems. RaceDeck tiles are specifically designed to address these issues. The tiles feature a series of “large” cutouts in the substructure and allow maximum air circulation and water drainage.

Who can overlook the ability of all RaceDeck tiles supporting up to 80,000 lb rolling load? See the demo here. Other products do support up to 70,000 lb. rolling load, but it starts from 40,000 and as the lb. go up, prices go with it.

If you closely look at RaceDeck tiles, you’ll agree this is the best heavy duty garage flooring tile. Compare any product in the market, you’ll find RaceDeck is better in terms of design, durability, budget, installation, maintenance and much more.

Originally published at docs.com.