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I’m white.

I’m not American.

I’m not rich but I sure as hell wouldn’t call myself poor either.

I’ve never been discriminated against, persecuted, or abused in any meaningful way.

Millions, no, billions of people could articulate better than I could what it means to be racially abused or persecuted.

If you think any of that should preclude me from having my say on the subject, then maybe it’s best if we respectfully part ways here.

The thing is, I’m human.

We are ALL human.

Whether Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking are your heroes, or you find solace in a…

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It’s Sunday morning in early June. Today is my sole weekly trip out of the house to get the Sunday newspapers. For the last 2 weeks, this has also included a takeout coffee from my favourite, reopened, café.

Here’s the thing.

I’m not bothered whether I go or not. If my wife said she’d pop to the shop that would be fine with me.

For the past 12 week’s I’ve been locked down the same as pretty much everyone else and quite honestly, I’ve enjoyed it.

About 3 years ago I began to consider taking a break from alcohol because…

Being more vulnerable can bring real and lasting values to our lives. Saying these 5 things often will help get there.

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The nice people at The Oxford English Dictionary define it as follows

“The quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.”

There lies the start of the bad rap that vulnerability gets. In the world we live in right now it’s not getting any better either. Coronavirus has led to ominous phrases such as “vulnerable groups” and “vulnerable health services”.

All in all, it’s not a good time for my old friend vulnerability.

Me and old “V” go back a long way. I was born with a disability in the…

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As with most of us who check this platform at least once a day, I’ve come across literally hundreds of articles on “How to make it on Medium”. It’s rare that I don’t enjoy them and get that tingle of excitement of when that day comes for me, if it ever does.

I’ve been a member now for over 2 years.

In that time, I’ve published articles I’m pretty pleased with, gained over 100 fans and earned my first $1 from my writing. To earn even $0.01 …

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“It’s the little things”.

A cliché indeed but never has a cliché been more apt. I miss absentmindedly popping into the coffee shop next door to the grocery store. I miss the hum of traffic out my bedroom window signifying it’s almost time to get up. Most of all I miss people. Real human face to face connection.

In the last couple of months humanity has faced one of its biggest challenges. As politicians are so fond of saying, this thing “knows no borders”.

But you know what else “knows no borders”?

Kindness, generosity, caring, and appreciating and to me, all of these can…

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You know how it goes. You get Christmas done and you’re in those middle days between the big day and New Year. Immediately the “Happy Christmas” greeting turns into “Happy New Year” and New Year’s Eve festivities are the next thing on the horizon.

Those are my favorite days of the year. They are a chance to reflect and get excited about the year to come. They may be cliched, but I absolutely love New Year's resolutions. I love the fact that on Jan 1st I can start again. …

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How to use time and consistency to achieve your writing goals

“Do what you love!” they say. “Find your passion!” they say. Yes, yes but I’ve got a mortgage to pay. A family to feed. It’s OK for you, sitting pretty in your big house with your big car. My passion is reading great books and learning but that won’t pay the bills now, will it?

That was my attitude up until quite recently. My dream job was to get paid to read good books, especially in the personal development space. Does that job even exist? I dunno! …

Meditation — The Messy Bits

In my article describing my journey from occasional dabbler to daily meditator a friend made the point that it all seemed a bit too easy. Like one day I started and somehow ended up breezing through 365 days of meditation to come out the other end all enlightened and Zen. This is a fair and valid observation. It’s also very far from reality.

It’s all very well saying that a switch flicked, and I started consistent meditation but what the hell does that mean? …

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At just over 47 it would be futile for me to suggest that I am anything other than well into the early stages of “middle age”. That might even be a generous description, but I’m leaning here on how our friend Google defines that term: “The period after early adulthood and before old age, about 45 to 65”.

It is right around now that I’m supposed to be experiencing the angst of a “mid-life crisis”. Right on cue, some significant changes have taken place. …

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Are good managers born or made? I firmly believe a good manager can be made, but as with most things in corporate life it’s not as simple as that.

A new manager is born…

She joins the company and does her “thing”. At some point in doing her “thing” her boss begins to take notice that she does her “thing” quite well, so he gives her more “things” to do.

As she continues to develop in her role, it is almost inevitable that one of her “things” involves telling other people what to do. …

Gary Allen

Passionate believer in human potential working towards getting paid to coach, write, read, and build software.

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