The Pitch

Slide update:

Original slides

The biggest problem with my original slides is that they really were not very interesting to look at. This was mainly because there was no vidual hiearchy. I had to identify what was most important in each slide and make it stand out more. There was also a lot of uneeded wording on my slides such as the labels on the left of the slide and some of the other bits of information spread throughout. I also changed the icon of the yoke to now only show the shape of the yoke but also show how it sits on the user. This along with some added definitions for terminology needed to understand the pitch were included in the first slide. In the second slide, I really made sure that the product itself was highlighted and made the focal point of the entire slide. The title was also added to the top which makes it much easier to identify the product idea.

Updated Slides

Story Board:



11/27/18 — Blog post assigned, create blog post and outline.

11/28/18 — Make a better render for the Pilloke. Make it look cleaner

11/29/18 — Start thinking about how you might make a physical prototype. Also use info from class to update your slides.

11/30/18 — Make either a full render of the product, good enough to show off or make a physical prototype.

12/1/18 — Begin story board, start to plan how the video might be made.

12/2/18 — Make a list of all of the things needed for a sucessful video. Cast, props, camera. Make sure you have all of these things. Shoot the video and begin editing.

12/3/18 — Finish editing and your pitch for the Walleye tank.

12/4/18 — Practice your Walleye talk routine and polish video.

12/5/18 — Continue to polish the project, have a peer review and submit by 10pm