4/12/17- Day 2

A conversation with my sanity, who decided to return immediately upon my girlfriend telling me she doesn’t love me anymore.


you’re back

ya. Here to help

you’ve been gone a while. I got a little crazy there for a while

ya- you were spinning out

You didn’t think to…i dont know.. return then

yeah you know I thought about it but you were pretty out of control. You pushed me out


i’m here now though. So that’s gotta count for something right?

I guess. Thanks for coming back

We’ll do better next time

Don’t leave again

No promises.

*When she is not mine I am set free of all the needs I had of her because she was “mine.”

I am less sad, or my sadness doesn’t feel as deep as big as when we were together. Maybe that’s because there is less sadness because I’m in a better situations. Or there is less sadness because subconsciously I’ve scaled back. Because there is not two to take on the load.