Don’t eat Pokemons

Four kids had been best friends for as long as they can remember; Debbie, Ethan, Sophie, and Natalia. It was a beautiful day at school, so they decided to play soccer. As Ethan was about to kick the ball, they all stopped what they were doing. They stood over the ball in shock. It wasn’t a ball at all! They almost mistook a Pidgey for a soccer ball. They were astonished with their discovery and turned red at the mere thought of having hurt the Pidgey. They ran over to it and apologized to the poor Pidgey. Ethan was the most embarrassed of all, since he was a big fan of Pokemon. Ethan apologized wholeheartedly to the Pidgey, then to their surprise the pidgey was very nice and forgave them.

Then, Sophia sees the Pidgey and says, “Mmm that Pidgey looks good but, I’m not hungry now” so she takes the Pidgey to Debbie. When Debbie saw the Pidgey her eyes opened big and she was ready to eat. Debbie went towards the Pidgey to eat it but, it flew away. Debbie was trying to catch the Pidgey by chasing it every where. Then, she finally caught the Pidgey and started eating in a very happy and relieved way.

After a couple minutes passed by, Debbie was feeling horrible. She felt pain and sickness in her stomach as if she ate something bad. “Debbie are you okay?” Sofia questioned. “Not really I don’t know what I ate or what happened but I really don’t feel good. I have a big pain in my stomach I think I’m gonna go to the bathroom.” Debbie replied to Sofia. Debbie sprinted to the closest bathroom and locked herself inside. Turns out, the Pidgey she ate didn’t digest well, you probably can’t digest Pokemon at all but Debbie wasn’t aware. After she went to the bathroom, she realized she felt so much better. Debbie regretted eating the poor little Pokemon.

Ethan, who is a major Pokemon enthusiast was interested on seeing and caring for the Pidgey. He decided to care for it and help it in any possible way. “Hey I’m sorry for what happened to you!” Ethan said to the bird. The Pidgey just nodded still feeling weak and not well. Ethan fed it some food and even took it to a nearby pond. He made sure he stayed with it till it got better.

They continued to play and eventually decided to go home. Suddenly, before they even got out of the park, Ethan yells at Natalia to stop. He points to the ground, and it becomes apparent why he stopped Natalia dead in her tracks. Ethan was able to stop Natalia before she stepped on a Rattata. As they inspect the Rattata they are then greeted by the Rattata’s mother. Even though she was furious, Debbie didn’t have much regard for the mother and grabbed the Rattata’s tail. Debbie was still very, very, hungry. What will happen next…

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