Benjamin Leibham

Hi Ben!
I like your interviewees a lot. Ana’s was cute, and Adam’s was very interesting! I would have figured that he liked to eat sugary things, too, and it’s cool to know that he had some sort of understanding of the food he’s eating. Your experience is also very thorough!

I wish I could have read more about your observation. I suppose it was tough since most of them were just eating granola bars, or not eating. Did the ones that ate granola bars seem to act differently than the ones who ate nothing or the one that ate fruit?

What if you’d observed the basketball team before a game rather than practice? Do you think your outcome would have been different? Do you think the players would have been eating different food? I know that when I played basketball, we frequently went out for sandwiches at the nearby deli before a home game. I wonder if this team does something similar?

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