What is “Good Writing”

Pop culture news is fairly easy to follow and radically less offensive then the news I enjoy reading, so in my free time this weekend I chose to do some light reading about Taylor Swift. The name has been all over the internet after the release of her new single “Look What You Made Me Do” , which has sparked some major amateur conspiracists attention, but the article that the angsty young lyricist’s home in Rhode Island is attracting extraterrestrial attention has taken the cake. And not in a good way.

I have to give it up to the writer for this article because the title is intriguing, it really caught my attention, but everything else was a flop. I do not think that this article exemplifies “good writing”, it has an odd structure, the source used for quotations sounds like a babbling idiot, and overall it just seems misleading considering the article isn’t about Swift nor does it have any statements from her. Granted, I understand that entertainment and pop culture news is not written for your committed Reader’s Digest consumer, but I’m left wanting more from it.

The structure of this article is off because of the introduction, or lack there of, of the quotation that consists of the second paragraph. I would have liked to have the source of the quotation introduced to me first so that I know whose words I am reading and a little bit of primary context.

I also am not a fan of the quotes in general. The quotes the author chose, whether they be they only ones she was able to secure or if she honestly thought those would work, are tough to read. I feel bad for the “community leader”, Peter Brockmann, the writer used as a primary source, in the context of this article he sounds like a UFO enthusiast with a hankering for a “jumbo size pizza”.

I know there is a large subculture of people out there that are enthralled with aliens and likewise with Taylor Swift, but this article at no point talks about her except for setting the scene and establishing a proximity point for the story. The author capitalized on Swifts fame to bring the readers a story that is not good writing. I think I’ll stick to my politics and world news.

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