The Job Famine

Young adults 16–24 struggle in order to find a job that will be able to fund their bills. The main struggle for young adults is school which affects their resume to be empty which leads to them most likely to not get the job. No business wants to hire someone with no experience and most of the time age will play a factor in that because they associate age with experience. Graduates with diplomas don’t earn four dollars less an hour than 25+ year olds.

So it is obvious that all people are at risk of being replaced by a robot in their job. This due the more financially beneficial outcome of it. Why pay an employee yearly to do something when you can pay for a robot once, to do just as good as a job if not better. And this sort of idea is increasing because we as people fail to meet the qualifications to complete said job. There are solutions for people who can’t afford to pay for college.

The solution being that stop being lazy and start learning to take courses that will give you the necessary qualities in order to get a higher paying job. The only problem is disinterests in the possible careers, we as people will always try to choose what we want over what we need. Then the excuse of not having any experience to get a job or a job to get experience, and it’s contagious others. We as the american citizens need to stop complaining about the government and need to start applying for jobs because thats the starting point to getting a job.

Recently, President Trump signed out of the TPP deal in order create high paying jobs for the American citizens. Whether this was a good decision or not, it is obvious that there needed to be some sort of movement within the United States to create more jobs. This should boost the jobs available by an astonishing number. Many people see this as a danger because we cut off trade with other countries but Franklin D. Roosevelt isolated America in order to bring it out of the Great depression. In a very minor way Donald Trump is doing the same thing in order to belittle unemployment.

Part of the solution is improving high school education to prepare us for employers, employers to prepare us for higher positions, and then from there they build careers to create jobs. Policy makers need to make more outlets for the younger community or else they’re gonna leave the state for a job somewhere more beneficial. The point of schools is to make more clear the end goal of getting a diploma. There is no mentioning what the possibilities are and what the possibilities are not. Many times it won’t benefit high school graduates it might hurt them. Student loans

The first two years of college should have signature work. A plan for the students to make more of themselves. Provide internships, employment, etc. Employers need to reach their hands out to the younger audience in order to prevent unemployment in the future. The problem with the

The American economy is laid out to help those who are working. This may seem like a joke to others but the American Economy is complicated in its own manner. Although, it is laid out to benefit those who wanna be benefitted and hurts those who let themselves be hurt by it. That’s why we as people need to be able to understand how the economy works and how it benefits.

Income sharing agreements is a loan taken from a private individual where you pay it over a course of time. An example of that would be asking for a loan for ten thousand dollars and paying that over the course of ten years by giving ten percent of your income every year, so that would be one thousand a year. But if you make 50,000 you have to pay 5,000 because that is 10% of your yearly income. This can be beneficial to high school graduates who don’t wanna go to college but want to start a money gathering idea. This can end up good or bad depending on the effort put by the invested graduate.

Maternity and family leave is a hard topic. I think there should be a work difference between man and woman in this case. As bad as this perspective may seem, I think women should get a longer maternal leave than men. The reason being, women go through more than men in the process of birth. I think there should be a practical amount of time. A year is too much time paid off, there needs to be a reasonable amount of time

We as workers need to prepared for retirement. We rely too much on our pension after retirement that we don’ t prepare for the worst. Acquiring a pension can become difficult for some than others. It all leads up to the position and whether it is a blue collar or white collar job. Although being able to get a pension successfully will pay off extraordinarily.

Health care has always been a question for work purposes or outside purposes. Health care will make sure that you don’t burn a hole n your pocket. If you are somehow injured or break something then you have to pay such a massive amount of money even just for the check up.

So a question that is always good to ask is which profession is most beneficial. There is a distinct difference between popular jobs and good paying jobs. The most popular jobs won’t always lead to high payment because there is a higher demand for other professions. Some examples of high paying jobs are computer and informations system managers, surgeons, and Orthodontists. Of course these jobs require the proper education to do.

The problem with the majority of people is they don’t research jobs and incomes enough. There is data on many jobs and how much the maximum amount of pay is. Many times people don’t research what the income is and end up complaining about not getting a raise. This can all be prevented just by doing a little bit of research on average pay for a specific job.

Everyone can not be paid a high minimum wage. New York University did an experiment by adjusting the pay of workers in a labor force. The conclusion ended up being that less people end up hired and those who were hired work less hours. So this is solid proof that raising the minimum wage will not fix the economy but most likely hurt it. So this is why it is laid out the way it is.

Paternal leave is a question of how long and who is. Many people say that a father shouldn’t be on paternal leave longer than 6 months due to the necessity of some sort of income, and even if its pay time off there still needs to be a regulation on how long he gets paid time off cause that can effect the payment of other employees. As Brookings notifies that when it comes to paid time off women are more likely to get it then men. That being said, it is also the same for unpaid time off as women have a high amount of mothers that don’t get a paid time off.

People these days have given up on looking for a job. Then they conform with the idea of there are no jobs. The laziness hits so many of the younger generations and its start effecting them as a whole. They start burying themselves further into debt and soon enough left living on the street. And this causes the economy to start slipping out of our hands. This causes the downfall of the generations and that lead to conformist life style. The problem is that there is always a way to get out of it.

As the the number of opportunities shrink, a number of opportunities are made. The problem is that not enough of that is advertised and people don’t try enough to look for that possibility. This will eventually lead to the uprising of lower payments and more hours. This will lead to a major separation of who can afford an education and who can’t.

Aside from all that happening most employers are moving to foreign land to hire workers. This may seem like a bad idea to the American people but for them it is major profit. Reason behind is that they can afford to pay the workers less than minimum wage. And with all this happening President Trump is trying to stop this from happening and keep jobs in America. That doesn’t seem to improve much due to the fact that many other companies are seeing the benefits of foreign workers and lay off all their workers to move to foreign soil. An example of this being done is Rexnord Corp. in Indiana laying off all their workers and heading to Monterrey. This caused a major outraged with the workers and others that might find themselves in the same situation soon to come. And this all is happening all over the country because the can get away with paying three dollars and hour to a worker in Mexican. The level of disrespect to the American and Mexican workers is outrageous as they can do nothing but watch their property get taken away due to the fact they can’t pay the bills anymore.

That being said the poverty level is slowly rising. EITC and ACTC are working on refunding taxes to lower that level of poverty as this has to be the beginning of mending the wound coming in from American Corporations leaving the country. This assistance provided will refund up to 2,500 dollars in tax refunds to families. It may not seem like much but its a start and will later be able to snowball effect it’s way into something better. Resources like the SPM and the IRS-SPEC data presented through the EITC Interactive offer important insights for policymakers, researchers, practitioners, and advocates.

All the poverty starts in one place, loans. This is the crumbling point to wear millions of high school graduates take out student loans and end up getting drowned by bills to the point where they’re lift with only the clothes they wear. In 2010, the amount of student debt in the country has surpassed credit card debt. These milestones brought to a boil long-simmering frustration with college price growth that has outstripped normal inflation, household income changes, and even spending-rate increases in the health-care sector. While there are many theories, one variable seems to get special attention: direct subsidies to public institutions. Especially when hypotheses are raised that colleges are revenue maximizes and have — at least in part — been increasing tuition and fees to soak up federal student aid, many college defenders are quick to respond that the primary reason for schools increasing their prices is the need to back-fill state cuts.

Two things are fairly clear: Over the past 25 years, the sticker price of a college education has been on a markedly upward arc, and state and local appropriations for public institutions have, on a per full-time-equivalent student basis, been on a roughly declining slope. But while prices have increased pretty steadily, per student appropriations have moved up and down in a pattern that tracks more closely with changes in the business cycle: in good economic times, appropriations rise and college enrollment falls; in bad times, the reverse happens.

Millennials could be risking their financial future as they craft ways to tackle their student loans, car payments and credit card debt. All this done because we don’t even know where our money is going. This only increases with people over using their credit cards and taking out loans they can’t afford to pay out. This habit of biting more than we can chew leads to too many traps. Where we end up getting taken advantage of by banks, IRS, and etc. Yet many millennials are taking on extra costs and risks as they juggle the bills. A quarter of those with checking accounts, for example, had overdrawn their account in the prior 12 months, according to the survey for the National Endowment for Financial Education.

The problem is that we don’t have enough people jumping on the train of the evolution of workplaces where they advance culturally and technologically. All over our country is being slowly more advanced in technology and that will sooner or later lead to the great downfall of workers. being replaced by a robot and not having the skill set to do it better than a precise cutting mechanism or such. The only people that will survive are the people who make the machines and the ones that program them. People are too invested in the idea that that will never happen, but McDonalds has already replaced their cashiers with order machines and people to bring out the food. That cuts the amount of jobs available into one fourth to the point where there are only people that take out food and the janitors working at a minimum wage in this fast food franchise. This increases the income of McDonalds for all they’d have to pay for is for someone to come and fix said ordering machine. No more continuous paychecks. And this will end up being the new Meta where soon even the daily jobs will be replaced by machines as UPS has already succeeded in drone delivery. That leads to an insane amount of money being saved to stop paying for drivers and delivery men. So all this all comes back to two jobs programmers and engineers. These jobs will be soon to rise in amount so the importance is how soon can someone learn this and how long can they be of use before we hit a new era of technology where everything we’ve done before is nothing compared to whats to come.

So whats a mistake graduates make when going to college? They don’t financially. How much will it cost for classes? How many hours can I work? How will i be able to pay for this in time? And it all leads to one thing, are the classes you are paying for beneficial to you in the future. Many people are smart enough to calculate the expenses and what the best way of acquiring the skills the land a career. There are many Academic courses out there that will benefit you by teaching you coding, engineering, and other skills that will be cheaper than having to attend college and will benefit you in the long run. We as the new generation have to be in the look out on a better way. And we lack that habit so much that we see perfectly good opportunities sail away as we stay standing on the same island of nothing.

A major problem is race identification and the gaps that come with it in employment. Many Caucasians are more likely to land a higher paying career in America than other races. This being a problem because it start laying out a fine line between who is most likely to succeed based on their race. This being a problem for many graduates whose parents migrated here to look for jobs of their own. This leads to the graduates ending up with the same jobs as their parents in a factory with no benefits and at minimum wage. And this is only one factor to the many where gender and age have a major role in employment. Take two people one Caucasian in this thirties and one lady that is Latino-American in her twenties. Both have the same level of education for they job they are applying for, which is more likely to get the job? The Caucasian based on ethnicity, age, and gender. Employers discriminate against many college graduates due to age saying that they don’t know enough and will never get the chance to show what they can do mean while the older aged get more benefits and such. This harms the economically and psychologically as the new generations find less reason to attend any sort of learning beneficial courses. On top of that many of those who go into college end up with a big hole in their pocket than money earned.

So what can we do to stop keeping that conformist mind set? Start influencing the generation that they don’t always have to follow the path their parents took. That path won’t lead to the era of work it will only throw you further back. As many can benefit from this kind of advice to start looking for the reality of how economy is working, how the gears of this machine that we call life can be vastly improved by the decisions we make. And we need to start seeing the benefits that the government does provide such as labor forces and other jobs that become available because it’s not just one generations, it’s a whole string of them being affected by poverty and less jobs. The government pushes us to the point to where we have to take part in illegal marketing and then arrest us to benefit even more! And we need to be able to have an influence on the actions of others because what happens to them affects us as well. As more people arrested means more cells needed to be filled and then tax dollars are used to do so.

We need to start setting standards for our works and seeing how jobs pay before we apply. You can find a list of jobs and the average one makes a years by working in that job. We don’t make the best of investment of time and focus. We need to start researching the future and how to manipulate it to our future before employers start manipulating the work force of American people. We are always being told to get a job that we’ll love and the reality of it is that that isn’t possible without some sort of financial backing. So we have to be able to work hard to make enough money to do the things we wanna do.

Many news articles point out that many famous colleges invest so much of their money into their athletes. In Kentucky the basketball team have their own condos and personal tutors to help them. So many people are invested in the idea that they will go on to be a famous athlete but don’t look at the reality of it. The technology era is taking that dream and stepping all over that as even competitive Esports take the stage with colleges offering scholarship for how well you can play a team based video game. This era of technology is becoming such a major impact in culture and not enough people are grasping on to that idea.

Anyone can make money off of posting content online. Youtube being a famous platform for video streaming. This offers people to post videos and depending on their popularity that’s the amount of money they make. What people lack is how to make said quality content, as many of these content developers explain it isn’t just hit the recording button and upload. They have to undergo such an in depth editing and sometimes have to practice their rhetoric abilities with public speaking and what they can say and who they are directing. And all these skills are acquired by taking advantage of your resources. As they most popular content developer, Felix Kjellberg, would used to make graphic art and sell it to then pursue this career in content development. We as people lack the knowledge of how we can do the same and how we can have whatever we make protected. We don’t do enough to used our rights as an individual to our advantage. We have the DMCA to protect any copyright content made by us. The problem is that not enough people know what that is and how it can help us be secure when we post potential marketing products.

And all this of the technology era can lead to potential lawsuits that put us in bigger debt. As it has been seen before where companies will imprison people due the fact that said person did not follow copyright laws and is then sent to court with a fine that is more than they can pay in a lifetime. This has happened to many for the lack of knowledge on how we should be making a career out of said internet. Just in food businesses there are rules that need to be followed.

So why is it we lack this knowledge? Could it be that high school does not prepare us well enough? When I was in my sophomore year of high school, we had a class that was named Intro to Tech. This class only offered two things, how to use Microsoft apps and improve typing. Nothing about how there are laws on what you can post online, or how benefit from the online. This made me question a lot of other classes that high school will require to take and how they will not benefit you in the future. Could it be possible that high school requirements are outdated and leave us with no knowledge of what to do in college? I’d like to think that in the near future that there will be ways for students to get an idea of the technology era to improve the American jobs. So that we don’t always have to be on hold buy an answering machine or have little work force that has the skill set to fix large outages.

We don’t pay enough attention to how the economy can affect us. Such as house renters are affected by the amount of homeless people and broken houses. How you may ask? Two words: Property Value. This is a prime thing that should be taught in high school if you plan on going in to business or being a realtor. We can benefit from getting our economy back on its feet. So then we as Americans can stop having to relying on large corporations for jobs and start making our own. So this all begins by being a prime example of how you were able to succeed by not following that conformist path and made it by just taking the necessary skill courses to become just as successful as any other corporation. We doubt our ability to make it without college or loans. That or we just don’t invest our loans into something something better than college. There are many young people that become entrepreneurs by investing that money into trending products of the generation. As said before in this article there are people out there willing to invest into popular, trending ideas that don’t always get their moneys worth. Why? Because we have such a pessimistic mind set when it comes to succeeding. We see others fail and assume right off the bat that we won’t be able to succeed.

So what are some ways we can start changing? It starts with the eagerness with money. We as people love money, but aren’t willing to give to receive. A confusing statement indeed but put into the phrase “We need to spend money, to make money” says it all. We need to be aware of the possibilities of where we can get with a small loan. Instead of going to college, take courses that will most likely show you the skills that you’ll need. Many people are hired for their college resume but later on are fired because they don’t have the required skill set. So that’s where your investment can come to use. Where you can show that you’ve taken courses that will assure that you have those skills on your resume.

Of course I’m not going to just trash talk college as if it were insignificant. Many times we can benefit from going to college but we have to have a plan before doing so. Such as two years of community college and then transfer to a more well known university or college and finish there with a diploma. That being said not enough people take into consideration the costs. Our future is only dependent on the road that we pave for the next generations. How will the younger generations be able to benefit us as employees. How can our kids be able to make poverty a word that never has to be used? We need to lay out a plan for them. We as older generations have to be able to assist the younger because they won’t know the hardships unless they’re warned. We need to inform them to prepare to struggle and how to overcome these possible challenges.

So how exactly are we able to change the amount of jobs being lost in America? We have to start solely be American based. We need to not fallback on foreign land to always benefit us. What producers don’t realize is that when they leave to go to foreign land is that they leave a massive amount of poverty in that area. So what happens if that continues to happen? We as Americans will start falling into a similar form where people who monopolize the market will always stay on top and make sure that the poverty either stays the same, or gets higher. This has to been though about, and how we can change that just by trying. We need to open more businesses. One’s that don’t just benefit one type of race or gender. One that increases the amount of work positions. The problem with our economy is that we allow ghettos to form. I’m not trying to make it seem like it’s a discriminatory thing but most businesses will only hire those of the same race. Such as Mexican restaurants with only Latinos, Arabic butchers who only hire Arabic people, etc. We need to start seeing that we can be living in this discriminatory world. We need to stop walking with the crowd and start walking towards a better option. One where graduates can find beneficial jobs. Where they can would from their dorms or houses. We need to stop using technology against us and start using it to benefit us and the economy.

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