About Alto Saxophone Cases

In a complete family of saxophones, alto saxophones are the most common and widely used. Related to the woodwind family, the instrument was invented by a Belgian musical instrument designer in 1840s and just like many other inventions, this instrument too got its name “Alto Saxophone” from its inventor ”Mr. Adolphe Sax”. On mechanical grounds, an alto sax is a single reeded aerophone with keys. However, physically an alto sax is considered to be larger in size as compared to soprano and is smaller than a tenor. And the most common use of alto saxo is in either classical music or in jazz music.

The major functional key areas of alto saxophone can be witnessed in chamber music, solo repertoire, military bands, concert bands, marching bands, swing music, big bands and jazz combos. Other than this, this musical instrument is also a standard instrument for any saxophone quartets. And many a times, alto saxo is also used in compositions of orchestra. Need not to mention, that around the world, alto saxophones proved to be a great invention for music industry. Its presence has not only helped the music to find new dimensions but has also let music grow and nurture.

However, the complicated anatomy of this musical equipment has made it tough to learn and play. Anyone who plays or wishes to play an alto saxophone should learn to play pads, key work and all other adjustments simultaneously. Only after attaining an effective learning and training sessions, an alto saxo player is able to produce a consistent and strong tone. And yes, it is the quality and technical detail of the instrument also that play an important role in delivering the awesome results. Also, one need to set it up properly and keep it well regulated in order to maintain its quality results.

Today, there are many musical instrument companies that deal in the manufacturing of alto saxophones and alto saxophone cases. And to choose the right alto sax, here are few key points that you need to consider. Take a look:

  • Pick the one that has state-of-the-art mechanics and intonation
  • Opt for a piece that has low register playability and stress free key work
  • Effortless flexibility and powerful projection are the other key features to look out for

And after buying that perfect piece, don’t forget to buy its proper safeguard i.e. alto saxophone case. A good case for this musical instrument is one that has following features:

  • Strong yet stylish exteriors to suit your personal identity and profession.
  • Soft plush lining with durable cover to protect your precious instrument from any damage
  • Removable broad shoulder strap with a strong handle for its easy transportation
  • Separate neck/mouth piece compartments for an easy yet safe storage
  • Spacious exterior and roomy interior storage pockets to hold some extra accessories.
  • And if your case has a wheelie carriage facility available, then it is an extra advantage to look out for.