Highest Quality, Innovative Expandable Garden Hose created by J. MIllman and Sons

Expandable Hose endowed with Quality BRASS CONNECTORS that do the job of Self Contracting

Feeling tired of wasting time and money on Expanding Hoses that last for no more than one week and constantly break or malfunction? Are you sick of having to go through the tedious process of having to carry your hose around the house when watering your garden? If the answer to the latter questions is a “yes!” — you will love J. Millman and Son’s innovative expandable hose that will fix your problems once and for all. This multi — purpose hose isdesigned for your convenience — it’s incredibly easy to use and will automatically contract once the water is turned off. We care about your satisfaction,which is why we have rigorously tested our Garden Hose to ensure you receive the highest quality possible.

* Can be expand up to 3 times of its original length
* Compacts when the water is turned off which makes it easy to store
* Never kinks or tangles like your average hose

– 3/4″ Fittings
– Original Length = 17FT, Expanded Length = Up to 50FT (when water pressure is > 4.5 Bar)
– Inner hose material: Triple Latex

* 1 x 50FT Water Hose with Brass Connectors
* 1 x Brass Shutoff Valve
* 1 x 8 Setting Spray Nozzle
* 1 x Hose Hanger
* 3 x Extra Washers

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The J. Millman and Sons Expandable garden hose is backed by our LifeTime money back Guarantee! If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund.
 3 LAYER LATEX INNER TUBE — built from the strongest material currently available with the ability to withstand up to 10 Bar of high water pressure resistance as well as up to 1200 uses as opposed to standard 250 uses! Our 2016 NEWEST EXTRA STRENGHT ELASTIC OUTER FABRIC will make sure the product’s inner pipe is protected efficiently! Don’t allow yourself to be fooled with fake products — the low quality 1 and 2 layer latex hoses can not only be useless, but also dangerous!
 3/4″ SOLID BRASS CONNECTORS WITH SHUTOFF VALVE will deliver an impeccable, durable performance at all times when it comes to using your expanding hose — unlike the plastic or low quality metal end products that always come with leakage, connection and quality problems.
 EFFORTLESS TO DRAG AROUND — our garden hose is extremely easy to carry and takes almost no space while storing. Can expand up to 3 times when the water flows in (with at least 4.5 bar pressure) and automatically shrinks in the absence of water. It provides the BEST SOLUTION FOR TANGLES, KINKS & TWISTS: Forget all about your impractical garden hose and finally enjoy the best expendable garden hose product available on the market. It’s virtually indestructible, but extremely simple to use.
 ALL THAT YOU NEED FROM WATER HOSE IN SET: brass connectors, shutoff valve, 8-pattern spray nozzle with soft holding rubber patterned grips, hose hanger, 4 extra rubber washers. J. MILLMAN AND SONS make sure your watering needs and requirements are completely met in an extraordinary manner with the best expandable hose product on the market. A product made to last — you will be able to enjoy it for a long, long time. We assure you.
 LIFETIME WARRANTY. Your purchase comes with ZERO risk! J. MILLMAN AND SONS expandable hose is backed by an unconditional 100% lifetime money back guarantee. You can click that “Add to Cart” button with confidence.

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