Do you need a riding mower or a standard push mower?

Buying a lawn mower can be a daunting task with so many varieties and models to choose from out there. Some of the options available in the market include riding mowers and standard push mowers. The following are some of the factors you should bear in mind before making your choice.

The size of your yard

Small yards typically require push mowers since there is not so much work to be done. Yards that are typically less than an acre can be covered easily with a push mower. Push mowers have varying deck sizes and it’s always important to consider this factor. Small deck sizes for the mowers will mean that you cover smaller ground each time hence you use more time and energy especially if you have a big yard. On the other hand, if your lawn size is close to an acre or more, a riding mower will be more worthwhile since it will be faster and less tiring for the user.

The terrain of your yard

Riding mowers and push mowers can generally handle mowing on flat terrain. However, when it comes to hilly and slopped terrains, a riding mower will be the most suitable for the job. A standard push mower will still do the job, but the technique used in mowing must be considered. For a riding mower, it is always good to note that one should mow up and down the incline and not across it. A push mower on the other hand will require you to mow across the slope or hill; this is for safety purposes.

Your budget

This is also important to consider; standard push mowers essentially cost less compared to riding mowers. The different costs depend on the engine performance and the additional features on the different mowers.

Features available

More features make mowers handier, but it also makes them more expensive. One feature that can come quite in handy is the mulching blade option for your mower. Mowers that have this feature return the finely cut grass back to the yard. This will save you a lot of energy and time that could have been spent collecting the cut grass and then disposing it off, especially if you were cutting the grass over a large area. Another common feature is the bagging option that can be found in both pushing and riding mowers. The mower might have the bag that collects the grass attached either at the back or the side of the mower. You might want to choose the ones that have the bag at the rear as it enables you to maneuver around obstacles much easily. Having it at the side will mean that the mower will occupy more space, making it hard to push through small spaces.

Your physical condition

A push mower requires more energy and control and when the area to be covered is large, it can be quite tiring. On the other hand using a riding mower requires less energy and it covers a lot of ground within a short time. So, if you feel that you are not in the best physical shape and thus covering your lawn with a push mower could be a challenge then I would suggest that a riding mower or garden tractor could be a better option for you.