New warm-up game

My new warm up game was very simple. It involved a lot of paying attention because of its fast pace. The game starts with everyone standing in a circle and being assigned a number. Everyone taps the table 2 times at the same time, then claps two times, then table and so on. On the first clap, someone starts by saying their own number, and on the second clap, they say another number. The person whose number is called then repeats by saying their own number and another number. Go until someone messes up. The idea is to keep a consistent tapping and clapping pace, forcing everyone to think quickly.

Session Organization

I gathered together 4 friends, all with different relationship backgrounds. The first was Jake. Jake is currently in a long distance relationship. He gets to see his girlfriend roughly twice a month due to how close they are to each other. The second groupie was Rachel. She is also currently in a long distance relationship, however, due to the distance between her and her significant other, they see each far less often. The last 2 members were Colin and Abi. Colin and Abi are a current couple who go to the same school now, but didn’t in the past, so they have experience with long distance and were able to provide a lot of good insight. The session took place in my apartment on Friday the 21st of October. We warmed up with the game I created. everyone actually really enjoyed it! We did idea generation for roughly 40 minutes, and generated 63 ideas. This is about 0.31 ideas per minute per person. I had a little trouble getting people to focus but all in all it wasn’t a bad session.

Sorting and voting

Each collumn is a different category. From left to right the categories are Transportation, messaging, senses, 2-way connection, gifts/sent things, possible forms of cellular communication, synchronization, projection, and monitoring. the small cluster at the bottom is things to interact with, and the single note at the bottom right is miscellaneous. Each participant voted on a sheet of paper their three favorites and the results were tallied. The ideas with a black X represent the ten top ideas as voted by my group.

Top ideas

My photos uploaded weird and i couldn’t figure out how to change them…

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