Ingredients for a Successful Partnership: Time, Trust, and Complementary Expertise

Youth Sector Insights, Episode 1

In this first episode of Youth Sector Insights, we hear from researcher Kendra Fehrer (John W. Gardner Center for Youth and their Communities at Stanford) and practitioner Soodie Ansari (Early Childhood Language Development Institute). The pair share thoughts and experiences about collaborating, learning from one another in a research-practice partnership, and their joint work to support low-income, dual-language children and families.

Our Guests

Kendra Fehrer is a Research Associate at the John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities at Stanford University. With a background in anthropology and community development, Kendra brings a culturally-informed and community-oriented perspective to her work at the Gardner Center in the areas of family engagement, community schools, social welfare programs, and positive youth development, among others. Kendra holds a PhD in Anthropology from Brown University.

A quote from this episode: “Trust allows you to push each other and take it in good faith. We need to be able to do that. And to adjust our course. For the good of partnership and for the common good, which is ultimately how do we better support children and families, right? How do we as researchers support the organization and use research and data?” — Kendra Fehrer

Soodie Ansari is the Coordinator of the Early Childhood Language Development Institute. Through trainings and coaching, ECLDI offers strategies for creating culturally and linguistically responsive early learning environments for all children. As an adjunct instructor at Skyline College, Soodie teaches Children’s Language and Literacy Development and Supporting Young Bilingual Learners. She is bilingual and bicultural, and holds a Master’s Degree in Child Development from UC Davis.

A quote from this episode: “The mission of ECLDI is to support young dual language learners to be eager and ready to learn and to be successful in school and in life. But what does that look like in terms of practices? Policies? Strategies? This process has helped me and the ECLDI team to be better able to articulate where we’ve been and where is it that we’re trying to go.” — Soodie Ansari

About Youth Sector Insights

Multiple groups, organizations, and institutions make up the contexts through which young people move from infancy to adulthood. These include community-based organizations, health and human service agencies, parks and recreation, law enforcement, faith-based institutions, and schools. Together, such groups form what we at the Gardner Center call the youth sector. Through this podcast, we seek to explore the power of partners collaborating across institutional boundaries. Listen along as our guests offer takeaways and an inside look at their partnerships.