A Bowl of Soul

From an early age I really struggled with my artistic ability. I sat with a blank piece of paper in front of me during ever session of “art” class throughout all of elementary and junior high years. It was until I walked into class freshman year of high school that I noticed my true artistic potential. My teacher Mrs. Vitale dropped a slab of clay in front of me and said make me a masterpiece. I molded the clay. From that moment on I have always felt some sort of clarity when it comes to creating art with my hands. I feel as though I put myself into all the bowls, cups, and mugs I spun on the wheel. There was always this underlying tone of pride that I am able to use a tool that I poured my heart and soul into, just to eat a simple bowl of cereal in the morning, thinking back to when I was failing other art classes, never dreaming I could make something so special to me.

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