You’re using “bias”, but I don’t think you know what it means:
Paula Nuguid

yes i am familiar. i absolutely know what bias means and no i don’t support the idea that unconscious bias should be rooted out. bias is how humans have advanced and survived.

bias is a good thing that only needs to be in check. you are also using political bias simply by linking this video to me. our unconscious biases save lives every day and our conscious biases are also valuable.

to support anything makes you bias. to reject anything makes you bias.

for example, you believe that since I put some value on common sense, I place no value on data. that’s an erroneous conclusion which was fed to you by your biases. it’s just more practical to appeal to shared knowledge and common ground.

we all know that no one really cares about the research of their opposition, due to the negative side of bias. if we even read it, human tend to just opt-out at the first perceived weak point because we hate being confronted with feeling wrong about our worldview. that said, if you really want to review a bunch of data together that’s what i do for a living and i’d be happy to bust out my research for ya ;)

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