This line made me furious, too.
Elizabeth DeHoff

“ “How can we know what really happened?” Well, for starters, we can believe victims when they come forward — but that’s probably not the answer he was looking for with that rhetorical question.”

You can believe the alleged victim when they say it happened AND believe the alleged perpetrator when they deny it happened as they are not mutually exclusive positions to hold (legally speaking).

“Reporting rape or sexual assault is hell even when things seem straightforward.”

Here is the thing you are totally missing.

They are only “hell” if its true and they are not lying.

A person who is lying about it has in fact had no trauma so is not going through hell at all.

Also the number of lives ruined by rape is not effected by giving the possibility of false accusations equal weight because the damage is already done.

So by not showing consideration to the accused you would be increasing the number of people who are victims with no chance of reducing the number.

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