American Drama, Err… Democracy

Firstly, I am not an American (thankfully), nor do I strive to be. Secondly, I cannot state with confidence anything I say as fact, as my experiences is limited from my perspective only, and form the perceptions generated from the political bubble America is expressing themselves.

Viewing in, from the outside, the last couple of weeks (or months rather) has been an interesting one, politically speaking.

Locally we had local (or municipal) elections, in which the ruling party lost quite some ground. It was quite fun and intriguing to see how people start to turn on political “leaders”. The ruling party shrugged this loss of due everything from the lies being spread by “fake news”, to bad weather, and also that not all their voters showed up due to being confident plus it not being a general election.

Some of the top brass in the ruling party even convinced themselves and others around them that the loss also included rigging of votes.

All I can say is, politically…

they are sore losers.

Not to deviate too much from the topic at hand, back to American Horror Stories, or should I say American Republican Reign. Being an outsider, I couldn’t really care less who is steering America. What is interesting is the joy, sadness, anger, despair and a whole other emotions people are experiencing. I’m not really one for emotions, but I can relate towards things I might be passionate about, albeit because it interests me, not because I find it emotionally appealing.

On the one end, I’m glad Hillary didn’t win, on the other, I’m not so glad that a TV personality chop like Trump, got his greedy paws on the upper echelons of the American Government. Time will only tell if he will do more harm than good to the American people.

Apart from the political figures, what I find interesting is the social whiplash of the result. Most of the people who are screaming the loudest, reminds me of our local ruling losers. Creating rumours about rigging, voters not showing up and the biggest one, fake news.

They aren’t looking at what the winners were saying and that people who elected them actually found meaning in what was said. They aren’t thinking of perhaps, just perhaps, they are part of the 1% that are the significant privileged few who actually has access to TV. Who listened, watched and politically agreed with the democratically biased media. The whole “make America great again” was a load of horse… manure. It resonates to people are struggling, they are looking for a way out of their hell hole. Poor and struggling people are looking for something different. The same party, with the same principles and promises, with the same people running it, might just not be the answer in their mind. Especially when the larger majority are the ones who are poor and struggling.

They are looking for somebody, or something, to blame. To point a finger at it and say, it’s your fault. You stole my candy which I haven’t bought in the store yet. Millions were spent; in time, money and energy.

The losers feel cheated. Blaming all kinds of radical things, some more illogical than others.

The best one for me is how Facebook allegedly caused Hillary to lose due to spreading fake news. Mind you, I’m not on Facebook, because of just that, all the drama, stupid stories and recurring themes presented to you in your Facebook algorithm generated bubble of interest. Pretty much, the same liberal people who are apparently for freedom of speech, expression and protection for all are those who now want to hang and burn the messenger at same time, with a smile.

Feel like that doesn’t make sense?

Let’s look at it this way, people like to communicate. Facebook facilitates this. Like a post office. The post office is not concerned with the messages itself, but rather the transport of the messages, like the messenger forwarding a message. Suddenly to assume that a post office is to blame for a speeding fine you received is rather stupid. You shouldn’t have drove that fast in the first place. Same goes for the democratic party and Hillary. If there wasn’t as many controversies, people wouldn’t have felt compelled to transmit these messages or “fake news”. They would know it’s fake and the buck would stop there.

The Clinton, or democratically biased, media could not hide the fire fast enough. Now feeling that Facebook should control the “fake news” is rather ridiculous. Would you allow the post office to read through all your mail, log, index and document everything, before sending it to you?

Without Facebook, what stops people from talking? If Facebook didn’t exist, would they sue people for talking to each other? Surely this also caused people to create a negative view of Democrats and Hillary?

It’s all been very entertaining while not affecting me in any real, or meaningful, way except creating humour in how people have recurring reactions to similar scenarios. We are all so predictable. If this entertainment continues I sincerely hope the a spin-off of “The Apprentice” starts in soon on TV called “The Vice-Presidency”. This is because people like the drama, which is why the Kardashian’s are actually a thing in America. Worst show ever. My girlfriend enjoys it because of how stupid they are.

To end this piece, lets stop blaming others and work with what we’ve got. Learn to understand others. You can’t throw somebody who is living in a ditch in another ditch and expect them to realise how bad living in a ditch is. That is all this blame game and aggression is doing while proving nothing. Sometimes you have to fail to understand where you went wrong or to find your roots again.

Good luck to all Americans and those living in it.

PS — Those who threatened to leave America is Trump won… why aren’t you leaving? Are you following the Hulk smashed footsteps left by your untruthful party leader, Hillary? And don’t tell me you are giving Trump a chance, you aren’t fooling anyone. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy, doesn’t matter how you pretend to slice the bread.