Yes, it is clear you don’t really understand. Let me break it down for you.

I am going to try a go through you response paragraph by paragraph and hopefully by doing a drawn out slow response it will make it clear.

Firstly, if you thought that was a personal attack, wow, just… wow. I humbly believe you are misunderstanding me and making it way too complex for what I am suggestion. About drug-usage, it’s metaphorical, and I bet you have consumed either prescription drugs or perhaps drank a glass of alcohol lined beverage. So drug-usage technically, is not out of the question, anyways.

In the third and fourth paragraph you say I contradict myself. Please enlighten me if I’m wrong, but more regulation on the existing regulations will not improve safety. I’m saying this because if you are going to do a crime with the weapon, you most likely will not follow the correct legal procedure in attaining a weapon or gun.

You also say I do not provide evidence to my claims, I generally don’t like to provide private information, but I live in South Africa. Now South Africa has pretty extreme regulations on weapons and firearms. To such an extent that it’s REALLY hard buying a gun through the correct legal and regulatory processes as you require training about gun safety, knowledge of how to use the gun and excellent reasons why you require the gun. You can then apply for a license for the gun, which is a long process which involves background check, financial, criminal, mental and other. Only once this is approve can you acquire a single license for a single gun which you specified.

With that in mind, if we compare SA with the US on crime alone (I’m using for the statistics on this). SA’s murder rate is almost 7 times higher than the US, private (and legal) gun ownership in SA is about 7 times less than the US. Intentional homicide rate is approximately 7 times higher in SA. Violent murders rate is approximately 23% higher than the US. SA’s violent murder rate per million people is approximately 8 times higher than in the US. The murder rate with guns is approximately 22 times higher than in the US. SA has 3 times more robberies than the US. I can go on, but you should get the point. SA on a crime level way higher than that of the US, and it increased since they implemented the gun control policies and regulations.

Hopefully it will shed some light why I don’t think extra gun control or regulation will assist in this matter.

In paragraph six, it seems like you are assuming my mindset is: “ More regulation-bad. Less regulation-good.” But it’s far from it, there are many things that needs policies, regulations and structures. I’m more of the mindset that smart regulation — good, dumb regulation — bad.

With the aforementioned, I’m not even going to consider paragraph seven. Mainly because it is out of context of my original response, not sure why you keep going on this trend of me wanting to deregulation or even decriminalize a lot of thing which doesn’t need it.

Now the last paragraph. Because SA has way less gun than the US, your assumptions are completely wrong. We don’t have all these guns, so asking why I am not afraid of them is a completely wrong assumption. I am not afraid of them because I know them personally and grew up with them. What I am afraid of any person, government or entity taking away the freedom of people and their right to choose how they can live their lives. To me that is wrong. Do you want to go fight in another war you don’t believe in?

As an example. Let’s say you like a specific type of pizza. The government decides based on their views that this is potentially creating reducing sales of pasta. Would you just sit back and accept them adding regulations in limiting the supply of your pizza? This is what more gun control is doing, metaphorically, it’s not changing the fact that people can still make pizza at home or at secret venues and increase the sale of pasta. It merely makes it harder for those passionate about pizza to attain it and limits people ability to choose what they want to buy and when they want to buy it.

Hope this explains my stance a bit better, but let me know regardless.

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